10 Benefits of Selling Your Old Restaurant Equipment

How is your restaurant equipment holding up? Even if you invested in the state of the art equipment of the time 5-10 years ago when you opened, there’s a good chance that equipment is starting to show signs of wear and tear.

Though this is what happens to all restaurant equipment that gets used daily to feed your hungry customers, at a certain point your worn-out equipment is going to be costing your business more than it is doing it any favors. Deteriorating or dilapidated restaurant equipment can be inefficient, expensive to maintain and take care of, and can actually be limiting the earning capacity of your restaurant.

Interested in learning more? Here are 10 benefits of selling your old restaurant equipment.

1) Put money in your Pocket Now

Just because your restaurant equipment is older doesn’t mean that it isn’t worth anything. There is a huge market out there (and potentially in your area) for the sale of used restaurant equipment.

You can’t make any money off your used or pre-loved restaurant equipment if you just decide to junk it. Ask around in your area or post some ads for used restaurant equipment so that you can get some money back in your pocket or your business’s operating account.

2) Investing in New Equipment

When you sell your old equipment, you are going to need to restock your kitchen so that you can stay in business. There’s no better time than now to reinvest in new restaurant equipment. Since you didn’t just junk your old kitchen equipment, the revenue that you took in from your old equipment will help you defray the cost of restocking your kitchen with brand new equipment.

3) Investing in Your Business

When was the last time that you spruced up your business or invested in improving it? Selling your old equipment shouldn’t be thought of as losing something. It should be seen as gaining something valuable that is going to improve your restaurant in so many ways.

4) Cutting Maintenance Costs

When you get rid of your old kitchen equipment and replace it with new equipment, you are going to be lowering your maintenance costs. New equipment doesn’t need the same repair and maintenance that your old equipment did, saving you time and money.

5) Improving Work Efficiency

Over time, kitchen equipment gets worn out and does run like it used to. It happens so slowly that you don’t realize that it is slowing your staff and your entire kitchen operation down. New equipment is going to be much faster and smoother, improving the work efficiency and turnover of your kitchen.

6) Improving the Perceived Value of Your Kitchen

Nothing gives your kitchen a wow-factor more than clean, sparkling, new equipment. It’s a great way to make good impressions with stakeholders or investors. Have an exposed kitchen? Even better! Show off your new kitchen equipment to your customers while they’re enjoying their meals.

7) Attracting Better Kitchen Staff and Team Members

This benefit of getting rid of your old equipment and replacing it with new equipment might not be as obvious, but newer equipment is going to help you appeal to more technical, higher-caliber kitchen staff and chefs. Great chefs are going to be looking for great equipment, and by replacing your old equipment with your new equipment you are going to be able to attract better chefs and better kitchen staff to your restaurant.

8) Giving More to Your Customers

When you think about it, getting rid of your old kitchen equipment is going to allow you to give more to your customers as well. If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, you know how much the equipment you are using can make a big difference in your cooking. Getting rid of your old equipment and investing in new kitchen equipment is making the choice to improve your food quality and set you a cut above your competition.

9) Improving Profitability

Did you ever think that your old equipment may be slowing your kitchen staff down? Slower cook times mean you aren’t turning over tables as quickly as you could be, which means lower profitability for every hour your restaurant is open.

10) Growing Your Revenue

Ultimately, getting rid of your old equipment and replacing it with new kitchen equipment is going to give you the ability to make more money in the long and short term.