10 Simple Tips to Find the Right Equipment for Your Restaurant.

When it comes to the kitchen of your restaurant, nothing is more important. You need the right equipment in order to have the best functioning kitchen and the best food. The success of your business rides on the quality of the food you produce. A good chef is a great investment, but if you only have sub-par equipment to work with, it will be reflected in the food. Give your chef the best chance at making the best food by giving them the right equipment to work with. 

It can be hard to know where to start when buying kitchen equipment. You need to make sure that you're finding reliable reviews, but those can be few. Commercial equipment is a  huge investment. You need to be sure that you're buying the right things for your needs. The tips below will help you determine if what you're considering buying is right for you and your restaurant.

10 simple tips to find the right equipment for your restaurant

  1. Determine your needs

There are certain pieces of equipment that every restaurant needs. Start with these items first. These things are work tables, dishwashers, refrigerators, ovens, and stoves. Pick these items first to create the foundation for your kitchen space.

Once you pick your necessary items, you can look to the extras. These items could include stand mixers and grills. It all depends on what your staff needs.

  1. Shop with durability in mind

When you buy commercial kitchen equipment, it needs to be strong. You want to invest in high-quality pieces for your kitchen. Keep a lookout for brands with a good reputation that is easy to maintain and clean.

  1. Make a budget a priority

It may be a challenge to maintain your budget, but it's important to stick as close to it as possible. You don't want to get in over your head, but you still need to get what you need. Make a list of things you need and a list of things you want. Rank these things in order of importance. You should spend more money on the necessities, but you may be able to save some money on the things that are nice to have.

  1. Research the category before you buy

When looking for specific equipment, you should be using key phrases. You want to be sure to find what you need.

  1. Research specific models

Once you find some options, research the specific brands and model numbers. Then you will be able to find reviews on these items.

  1. Ask professionals and peers for recommendations

On many sites, you can chat with a customer service representative. They may be able to help match your needs with the right product. It can also help to ask others in the restaurant industry for equipment recommendations.

  1. Meet all codes

Before you actually buy anything, make sure you're up to date on the codes for your commercial kitchen. Local codes can vary depending on where you're located. In some areas, you may not be required to have vents and in others, you may need one. It just depends and you don't want to risk large fines or closure.

  1. Know your utilities

Make sure you know where the hookups for your power, gas, and water are located in your kitchen. For power, you may need to know how much current draw each can handle and the plugs they're set up for. In terms of water, you need to know the water pressure and temperature. 

  1. Look for equipment with the blue NSF logo

Your equipment should be adorned with the blue National Sanitation Foundation, NSF, logo. This logo verifies that the equipment is suitable to use in a commercial kitchen. This equipment has had rigorous third-party inspections. This verifies that the equipment is safe for food and easy to clean and sanitize. Even though not all health codes require this approval, it can help you meet health regulations.

  1. Check for warranties

When you buy commercial kitchen equipment, make sure to take into account warranties and long-term costs. Check for warranties from the manufacturer you're considering. Service calls on equipment without a warranty can be costly. 

When shopping for equipment for your restaurant, there are many things to consider. Take the above tips into account to make sure you get high-quality pieces for your restaurant.