5 Reasons to Manage Your Commercial Refrigeration Equipment

When it comes to running your restaurant, there are tons of variables that you need to pay attention to at all times. That said, your commercial refrigerators are the backbone of your business. If you didn’t have them, how would you be able to operate? You would need to buy food every morning and toss out any leftovers by the end of the day. 

Unfortunately, while refrigerators are linchpins of any restaurant, they are largely ignored - unless there’s a problem. However, rather than waiting for a fridge to break down and leave you in a bind, you should be performing routine maintenance and management. 

So, with that in mind, here are five reasons why you need to manage your commercial refrigeration equipment. 

1 Prevent Costly Repairs

Here’s the scenario: you’re getting ready for the lunch rush when suddenly one of your refrigerators breaks down. It’s sweltering hot outside, and the heat from the kitchen will push the fridge into the danger zone in a matter of minutes. You call a repair technician, who can’t come out for a few hours. 

That scene would send chills down any restauranteur’s spine. You don’t want to be caught in that situation. Worst of all, getting a same-day service can be much more expensive than having a routine inspection. Plus, whatever caused the fridge to break down will likely be costly by itself. 

Instead, maintaining a consistent management schedule will avoid scenarios like this. Overall, it’s much cheaper to fix something before it breaks than after the fact. Not only that, but you don’t have to worry about the costs of losing products (and customers) because of broken equipment.

2 Keep Food at the Right Temp

During the hottest parts of the year, your commercial refrigerators work overtime to keep food at the proper temperature. However, if the equipment isn’t operating at peak efficiency, you could put the food (and your customers) at risk. 

Routine maintenance ensures that the cooling system is working well at all times. Not only that, but you can make sure that the air circulating in the fridge isn’t contaminated. If it’s been months since you last cleaned and serviced your equipment, it’s past time to take action. 

3 Save Energy

We’ve already covered the financial benefit of managing your equipment before it breaks down, but the fact is that routine inspections can save you even more in the long run. When your fridges are working at optimum performance, you won’t need as much electricity to keep them cool. Your utility bills can stay relatively low, meaning that your profit margin will be that much higher. Even saving $50 a month can add up over time. 

4 Improve Long-Term Performance

Chances are that you don’t appreciate how hard your commercial refrigerators work. They have to stay running all day every day without a break. While these machines are built for that kind of wear and tear, you still need to manage them with a little TLC. 

By cleaning and servicing your equipment regularly, you can be sure that your fridges will last for years and years. Get the most out of your investment by keeping them in tip-top shape. 

5 Save Money on New Equipment

If you run your commercial refrigeration all day long for months on end without service, chances are that you’ll need to buy a replacement soon. However, it’s much more expensive to buy a whole new machine than it is to manage the one you have. Keeping a regular inspection schedule ensures that you don’t have to upgrade your machinery every couple of years. 

Bottom Line: Schedule Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance Today

Now is the perfect time to show your fridges how much you appreciate them. Schedule an onsite visit from us today, and we can keep your equipment in pristine condition. Not only will we inspect them, but we’ll recommend service options that fit your needs and your budget.