5 Types of Used Cooking Equipment which You Should Consider Buying

When it comes to purchasing cooking equipment for your kitchen, you want to make sure to get the best possible. While you may want to buy all new equipment, that probably won't fit into your budget. It's important to remember that new doesn't necessarily mean better.

The first thing you need to decide is where you want to spend the most money. Take a close look at your budget and figure out what you need and what's most important to buy new. There are certain items that may make sense to buy used.

5 types of used cooking equipment to consider

  1. Ovens

An oven is one of the most important pieces that you will have in your kitchen. You cannot have your restaurant without an oven. If you're looking to save a little bit of money, it makes sense to buy this large ticket item used. There tends to be a high turnover rate in this industry, so you may be able to find one that only has a few years of wear on it. 

Instead of spending a bunch of money on an oven, there are some ovens that make sense to buy used. Convection ovens, pizza ovens, conveyor ovens, and others can be considered. One thing to keep in mind is that they should be refurbished and fixed up before you purchase one of these.

  1. Stoves

Along with an oven, a stovetop is also needed to run a restaurant. Many foods will not be able to be cooked adequately without one. This is another area where you may be able to benefit from a less expensive and used piece of equipment. In many cases, a used stove will function as well as a new one.

  1. Heated holding drawers

Once the food has been cooked, heated holding drawers are invaluable to keep this food warm. This will help keep the food fresh during the day if needed. They are great for keeping your kitchen clutter-free and take up very little room.

The problem with these drawers is that if you buy them new, they can be very expensive. These are great to buy used. They will be much more affordable and you will be able to use your money elsewhere.

  1. Fryers

Most restaurants have dishes that have some sort of fried element to them. No matter whether you're frying fish, chicken or dessert elements, you need a fryer. There are a few different choices when it comes to picking a fryer. You may be looking at a deep fryer, open pot fryer or a tube fryer. Regardless of the type of fryer you need, you should be able to buy it used and save some money.

  1. Heated display cases

These cases are a great way to show off your food to your customers. The food will also stay fresh. Make sure that the case is properly refurbished and it will work as well as a new display.

Tips for buying used

  • Check the condition

It goes without saying that you need to check the condition of the equipment carefully. Make sure you know how old it is before accepting it.

  • Research brand names

There are some brands that tend to last longer than others. Before you buy used equipment, research the brands you're considering. In some cases, a used version of one brand may be better than a version of another brand.

  • Consider the availability of parts and if there are warranties available

You may need to replace parts at some point. Make sure that there are parts available for the piece you're considering and how much they are. This way you can make sure to pick something that will be easy to fix in the future in case something goes wrong.

Your budget will be key when purchasing equipment for your restaurant. By buying used pieces, it can help you stay within your budget. Use the tips above and you will be able to have your restaurant up and running in no time.