HOBART Buffalo Food Processing Cutter Chopper HOBART_Buffalo_Food_Processing_Cutter_Chopper_

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A buffalo chopper, also known as a bowl chopper or food cutter, is a machine that chops or emulsifies food by rotating it in a bowl under spinning blades. Because buffalo choppers’ bowls are shallow, they help to promote even cutting and prevent your ingredients from piling up during rotation. Each buffalo chopper has a guard that covers the blades while the unit is in use, but you can lift this cover while the machine is stopped in order to change the blades or remove them for cleaning.

Most buffalo choppers have adjustable speeds, so you can choose how finely the machine chops or grinds your ingredients. A slow speed will result in a rough chop, while faster speeds will mince or emulsify the food you place in the machine’s bowl.

Buffalo choppers are made in an assortment of sizes. Countertop options are typically used in settings like restaurants and cafeterias, while large floor models are ideal for high-output food manufacturers.