USED Lincoln Gas Double Conveyor Pizza Oven 1600-023A

$6,900.00 each
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Faster bake times improve time of service
Advanced Air Impingement Technology enhances bake quality and uniformity
Optional FastBake™ Technology reduces bake time 15-30%
Front removable conveyor for improved cleaning in tight spaces
Improved product flow during cooking reduces operation costs
Research and Applications support for continued operational success
Welbilt Star service is committed to ongoing customer satisfaction
No need for expensive, noisy, energy consuming ventilation systems (ventless models only)

Standard Features

Stackable up to three (3) ovens high
18” wide, 56” long conveyor belt with product stop
28” baking chamber
Temperature is adjustable from 250°F (121°C) to 575°F (302°C).
Conveyor speed is adjustable from one (1) minute to thirty (30) minutes cooking time.
Front-loading access door with cool handle
Customer-specific setups give customer very specific results
Direct conveyor drive is powered by an AC motor
Stainless steel top, front, and sides
Oven start-up/check-out by authorized service agent included in price