How Commercial Restaurant Equipment Can Shape Your Business

Choosing the right equipment for your restaurant kitchen is among the most important decisions you will make when launching a new venture. It impacts everything from the speed of service to the cost of operation, and your long term success depends on the type and quality of the resources at your disposal.

Using commercial-grade restaurant equipment should be a non-negotiable part of your business, and there are many excellent reasons why. Here’s a brief overview of how commercial restaurant equipment can shape your business right from the start.

Taste & Quality

Your chef and kitchen staff need the best tools to prepare the best cuisine for your guests. Commercial-grade cookware, the range, the fryer and the oven are just the tip of the iceberg, too. You will also need commercial-grade refrigeration and other appliances like mixers and food processors to keep ingredients fresh and prep time low during high traffic times of day.

 All of these directly affect the taste and quality of every dish you serve, and using inferior equipment will only produce inferior food. Use the right tools, and the right staff will deliver the same consistently excellent dining experience for every guest every time.


Every piece of equipment in the kitchen must be cleaned and maintained properly to keep your staff operating at peak efficiency. Commercial grade kitchen equipment is designed with daily cleaning and routine maintenance in mind, allowing your staff to spend more time cooking and less time cleaning and maintaining the tools of their trade.

This is especially important where equipment like refrigerators and deep fryers are concerned, as both require regular cleaning and maintenance to prevent them from affecting the flavor of your food.  Make sure you’ve got what your staff needs to keep downtime to a minimum each day.


Your staff and customers are depending on the reliability and longevity of every piece of equipment in your kitchen every day. Commercial grade equipment may be more expensive, but the cost is higher because the dependability even under heavy use is significantly better than standard kitchen equipment. Your kitchen will always run longer and more dependably when you install and use commercial grade appliances and equipment.

Energy Costs

Commercial grade kitchen equipment is designed to reduce energy usage while still delivering superior quality results. Standard kitchen appliances, while using less energy, cannot deliver the same performance as commercial grade equipment. While you may spend more on upfront costs, you will find significant savings over time thanks to the superior efficiency of commercial-grade kitchen equipment.

Code Compliance

Maintaining the highest standard of food code and health code compliance is the most important priority in the kitchen next to employee safety. All equipment in your kitchen should be completely cleaned no less than once per twenty-four hours, if not more frequently. Many busy kitchens clean as they go every day in order to maintain the highest standard of cleanliness and sanitation.

Failure to uphold food, health and safety standards can result in expensive fines and even temporary closures while you bring your kitchen and dining areas up to code. Commercial grade kitchen equipment is specifically designed to make cleaning and sanitizing fast and efficient, and it is built from materials that resist buildup of materials that can compromise food safety.


Many insurance companies will not cover damage caused by non-commercial grade equipment in a commercial kitchen. In fact, many will not even issue a policy unless they can determine that all proper commercial kitchen equipment and safety systems are in place.

Additionally, not only is it unwise to open and operate without insurance for your business, but many localities will not issue a business permit to a restaurant without a policy on file. Install commercial grade kitchen equipment and simplify both your legal and insurance needs from the start.

Do you need new or well-maintained high quality kitchen equipment for your commercial kitchen? Texas Restaurant Supply has the new and used inventory you need to equip your kitchen for success. Contact us today for details.