How Quality Commercial Equipment Affects Your Restaurant’s Profits

Outfitting a restaurant kitchen carries a ton of expense. Keeping costs low is a primary concern, and it’s easy for restaurant managers to cut corners. Opting for inexpensive residential kitchen supplies can seem like a much more budget-friendly route. However, over time, those cheap initial investments can negatively impact your restaurant’s bottom line and end up costing far more.

The range of new and used commercial kitchen equipment options makes it more manageable to find an agreeable blend of price and quality. Taking advantage of restaurant-quality equipment will benefit you in both cost-savings and profit generation. Consider some of these major ways that quality commercial equipment can affect your restaurant’s profits when it comes time to update your kitchen.

Commercial Kitchen Equipment Lasts Longer

The initial high cost of commercial equipment is offset over time by the amount of maintenance you won’t need compared to lower quality residential equipment. Heavy-duty commercial equipment should last at least 10 years under normal use. This can be twice as long, if not longer, than cheaper models, which effectively reduces the long-term cost difference. It also means you spend far less time fixing or setting up repairs on the equipment.

When a piece of kitchen equipment breaks down, it can shutter your business in an instant and eat into your profits for anywhere from an hour to several days. If an oven goes out, for example, you won’t be able to keep up with customer orders and you will lose considerable money for the day.

Low-Quality Equipment Affects Performance and Efficiency

Tied to longevity is the daily performance of kitchen equipment. The high volume output at restaurants means that most machines will be running non-stop. You need the right equipment to put up with the abuse that a normal day provides at a busy restaurant. 

Commercial kitchen equipment is designed to offer greater power and more durable features. Commercial mixers, blenders and food processors have higher horsepower, better motors and larger capacities to handle multiple orders without burning out. High-grade ovens, dishwashers and refrigerators can similarly support larger food quantities and handle more stress through better components.

Putting a residential kitchen machine, even a small appliance, in a commercial setting will subject it to more use than it was meant to handle. With the endless use these items see through a normal day, you can expect it to wear out and need replacement long before any limited warranty expires.

Maintaining quality commercial kitchen equipment will also make your kitchen staff more productive. Each person and piece of equipment plays an important role in food production systems. One minor hiccup can upset the entire kitchen, severely reducing your overall output. That can leak out from the kitchen and into the dining area, resulting in a poor customer experience if they are left waiting.

Commercial Equipment has Better Safety Features

Using a quality piece of equipment adds layers of safety for both kitchen employees and customers. For customers, having their food cooked and stored in reliable appliances makes for a lower risk of contamination and spoilage. The risk of food-borne illness is greatly reduced, which can mean good things for repeat business and reviews.

Equipment produced for commercial settings also carries more rigid safety standards than residential kitchen appliances. The National Sanitation Foundation monitors and reviews commercial grade equipment for adhering to safety requirements. Appliances carrying the NSF label are compliant with regulations, which means that your staff is less prone to work-related injuries. Plus, those labels are important in mitigating issues with Health Department inspections.

Buy Quality New and Used Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Getting the performance you need does not have to break the bank. Our huge selection of new and used commercial grade kitchen equipment offers you the durability, capacity and power you need at a price you can afford. If you are managing a commercial kitchen in Texas, contact our team to see how we can help you outfit your kitchen to guarantee optimal output and maximized profits.