How to Buy Portable Cooktops for Your Food Service Establishment

If you run a restaurant that could benefit from having cooktops you can stow away, or if you have a business that caters, you need to buy a portable cooktop. Several different options are available to you, so you may need help choosing the one that is right for your business. We will break down the different kinds of portable cookware here to help you decide how to buy the version which will work best for your foodservice establishment.

Induction Cookers

An induction cooker uses a low level of heat and needs an electrical outlet in order to run. You will need pots and pans that are specifically designed for induction use, but the plus here is that the heat is instantaneous. Induction works through using magnetism, so the surface never heats up and is safe to touch.

Pots and pans that are safe to use with induction equipment include cast iron, stainless steel that is the magnetic grade, enameled iron, cookware with iron flakes and any items specifically labeled to be induction-ready.

Some models will have specific features that you may want to choose, such as tempered glass, removable drip pans, power switches, or indicators and temperature settings. Although some of these features may raise the price, the efficiency provided is well worth the extra cost. Make sure to keep the fan blades clean of dust and dirt while giving the unit room to breathe, and it will last for an incredibly long time.

Induction cookers can be used to saute, fry, boil, sear and simmer foods, but are also effective as buffet warmers. They are not recommended for all-day, heavy-duty use, so keep this in mind if you are considering them for your brick-and-mortar establishment.

Since induction doesn’t heat up your cooking station or require a flame, it is much safer than the other available options. It also saves energy and gets your pans up to cooking temperature much more quickly. They take up less space than hot plates, which can be a drawback if you have a lot of dishes to prepare. You will have to weigh the options based on what you specifically need.

Hot Plates

These items aren’t just meant for college students and science classrooms. Hot plates come in both gas and electric versions, and they are perfect for caterers who will be cooking for short periods of time.

You can have up to eight burners, thus affording you more space than an induction cooker, but the drawback is that these plates can get incredibly hot. They are more of a fire hazard than the other options available as a result. You will either be using a plug to an electrical outlet or butane cartridges and a burner.

Warming plates are similar to electric hot plates, but they are meant to set up quickly and efficiently. However, just like hot plates, it may take a little while for the heat to regulate itself. Some of the best warming plates have temperature control and do not need to stay plugged in while in use. They can stay heated for about an hour after being charged. Many plates also have nonstick surfaces for easier cleaning.

Seek Assistance

When you are ready to pick out the portable cookware that works for your business, contact Texas Restaurant Supply. Whether you have decided to choose a hot plate, warming plate or induction cooker, you will have access to the best options to suit you and the choice to sell cookware you no longer need. We will be happy to help you pick out items that have the features you need at a worthwhile price.