How To Inspect Used Equipment Before Buying

Buying used equipment can lower costs, allowing you to direct funds into other operations. However, you may purchase poor-quality or worn-out appliances if you aren't careful. This issue will then lead to high maintenance costs and affect operations.

Inspecting pre-owned restaurant supply Fort Worth before buying can prevent such problems. Continue reading to discover some measures to take when getting second-hand machines for your business.

Look Out for Signs of Wear and Tear

Used machines often have some level of wear and tear. Still, you may need frequent repairs and replacements if there is significant damage.

Inspect equipment for signs of wear and tear before buying. During the process, look for corrosion, especially in sections regularly exposed to water. Further, check whether the hinges are in place and functional.

More wear and tear signs to look out for in used equipment are:

  • Scratches

  • Burn marks

  • Peeling paint

Another form of wear and tear to watch out for is holes or perforations. Inspecting for such damage is vital, especially when buying metallic equipment.

If you notice a machine has such damage, it's best to avoid buying it. This aspect is since the issue may affect functionality. Besides, perforations in equipment such as ovens and fridges will lower energy efficiency.

When you detect wear and tear on used equipment, assess its repair costs. If the expense is minor, you may get the appliance and fix it.

Watch Out for Leaks

Oil and water leaks may cause electrical damage and affect equipment functioning. Inspect used machines for such damage to prevent safety hazards. Some methods you may use to identify leaks are:

  • Soapy water detection

  • Visual inspection

  • Halogen lamp detection

Another way to inspect such damage is using an electronic leak detector. This method is simple and helps you identify even minor issues. Besides, it's faster and more efficient than other leak inspection techniques.

Fluorescent leak detectors are ideal tools for identifying fluid leaks. When using these, you add a fluorescent agent to the appliance you want to test. After that, shine the leakage light detector on the outer part. If the blue color changes to green-yellow, there is a leak.

Request To Test the Equipment

Testing if all parts of restaurant equipment are in good condition is a vital part of the inspection. Request the seller to verify the machine is functional using various methods. For example, if you need an oven or microwave, ensure that the equipment can heat up to the set temperature.

Further, verify that the timers and power cables work. Other things to test before buying used equipment are:

  • Control panels

  • Knobs functionality

  • Light bulbs

  • Wheels, if the appliance is mobile

  • Auto shut features

Testing pre-owned restaurant equipment before buying allows you to check if it matches the recorded specifications. Further, you can identify damages in advance and determine if the appliance meets your needs.

Ask for Equipment Maintenance History

Restaurants often record the maintenance practices performed on their equipment. Such may pertain to repairs, painting, and parts replacement.

When inspecting pre-owned appliances, ensure you request a maintenance history. This information will help identify if the machine has parts compatibility issues. Further, you can assess the quality of the appliance based on the repairs done over a given period.

Compare the Equipment Condition With the Advertisement

Some vendors can advertise used equipment with the wrong information. For example, they may fail to list some damages or include the wrong model number.

Before paying for a used restaurant supply in Fort Worth, check if the condition matches the one in the advert. After that, verify that the equipment's physical condition and functionality match the price. These measures will help you avoid paying a high price for low-value appliances.

Ask For Proof of Ownership and Warranties

While inspecting machines is vital, you should also verify the accompanying documents. Request the seller to prove ownership using purchase receipts. This measure will prevent buying stolen or illegally acquired items that may cause trouble with the law.

Another vital document to request is the manufacturer warranty. An ideal used equipment vendor should get these papers from the initial owner. This way, you can avoid repair costs resulting from defective parts.

Get Used Equipment at Texas Restaurant Supply

Buying a used restaurant supply in Fort Worth from a reliable vendor will ensure value for your money. It also prevents purchasing counterfeit machines that will cause losses.

At Texas Restaurant Supply, we sell pre-owned equipment through our online catalog. We also have physical locations where you can inspect appliances before getting them. Contact us now to talk to an equipment specialist.