How to Manage Restaurant Equipment during a Pandemic

This year has been strange and confusing for many people, as the pandemic has changed the way we view life. However, restaurants are still in business, serving people through a mix of in-person dining, pickup and delivery.

Since the pandemic is still ongoing, you need to make sure that your equipment remains properly sanitized and cared for. Here are a few tips to keep your restaurant well-managed during the pandemic.

Clean Properly

Some places have completely removed their self-service stations. Depending on the laws set forth in your area, you may have to take away items in high-touch areas. For example, you may need to replace plastic or three-fold menus with disposable paper versions.

Other high-touch items that should be removed or replaced with disposable versions include napkins, condiments, tablecloths and seat covers. If you keep them, make sure they are properly sanitized and replaced after each customer leaves.

Because this virus is airborne, you need to make sure that you have proper, clean ventilation and that your air ducts are mold-free. You should purchase HEPA filters if possible. If you have the ability to seat customers outside, you should set up tables and chairs in an open area with some good shade.

Your restaurant should have a disinfecting schedule, and you need to train your employees to know how to properly clean surfaces and equipment. You should post signs requesting customers wear masks upon entering the premises and providing further information on stopping the spread of COVID-19.

Although you may not have allowed customers to see your employees cleaning previously, it may make them feel better to see the process occur in this current climate. You can also get them certified in cleaning and food safety through programs like ServSafe.

Make sure your employees know basic safety procedures for cleaning. For example, they need to protect their skin and eyes from harsh chemicals and should not mix chemicals to avoid toxic fumes. Door knobs, any handles and countertops should be wiped down on a regular basis. All utensils and dishes must be cleaned, rinsed and fully sanitized after each use.

If they dilute chemicals, they need to use room temperature water and label the solutions. Employees with asthma should not be using harsh chemicals at all and should not be in the room when the disinfection is taking place.

Socially Distance

People should be six feet apart as much as possible. In order to make social distancing easier, you should place tape or stickers on the floor. Put signs on tables and chairs that you are removing from use to make sure patrons socially distance from other groups. Make sure that those surfaces are still cleaned along with the ones that are actually used by customers in order to ensure that all areas of the restaurant remain fully sanitized.

Customers will probably expect your employees to wear gloves and provide hand sanitizer, and this is a good idea regardless. Make sure that your employees wash their hands once they remove their gloves, and limit their exposure to each other in places like kitchens and break rooms.

Self-service stations need to be halted, for the most part. Areas like salad bars, drink service and buffets should be closed up to prevent the spread of germs. Customers should not be using the same utensils between groups for any reason.

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