Important Shopping Tips for Commercial Refrigerators

As your refrigerator goes, so goes your kitchen. Your refrigerator allows you to economically and safely store and use fresh foods at will. Your profit and your reputation rest on these abilities. Therefore, choosing the right commercial refrigerator is a must. Consider these aspects for making an excellent selection of a refrigerator that is ideal for your establishment:

  • Choose stainless steel. Both inside and outside, it is important that you go for the best material. The best material for a professional kitchen is undoubtedly stainless steel. It is best for durability, easy cleaning, and stress-free maintenance. The long-lasting finish gives the professional look that you desire.
  • Insure proper insulation. Make sure to have foam-in-place insulation. This insulation is energy efficient and holds in freshness. You will need at least two inches of foam to be effective.
  • Look for full-length door handles. Door handles that are sturdy and durable are a must. Full-length door handles can withstand the wear and tear of a busy, professional kitchen. With a full-length handle, the collection of dust and dirt will also be reduced. Recessed, full-length door handles are the premium choice and are worth the investment.
  • Seek sufficient storage capacity. Look for large. When considering storage capacity, bigger is really better in every way. You will want enough space to keep your food well arranged and easy to find for the many cooks and assistants that will be using the space. Crammed food will add up to the loss of quality and will cost you in the end.
  • Go for welded corners. Look for expert craftsmanship and set the bar high with welded corners. Welded corners increase the longevity and efficiency of your refrigerator and keep up with the pace of a busy kitchen.
  • Expect electronic temperature control. The days of using temperature thermometers should be long gone. Digital temperature controls allow for single-digit control. Even one degree of difference can make a huge impact on the retention of food and the reduction of spoilage.
  • Bet on a bottom mount condensing unit. This is a feature that may not be immediately apparent but will serve you well in the long run. Bottom mount condensing units help with the cleaning, maintenance, and overall serviceability of the machine for years to come.
  • Consider a hot gas condensation system. Take advantage of the latest technology. New technology increases energy efficiency. Replace heaters with hot gas that evaporates condensed water through a compressor. The extra investment upfront will pay dividends for years to come.
  • Invest in an interior step door. An interior step door design also has the latest technology to replace gasket linings. This will help to keep the outside, warmer air from seeping into the refrigerator. The lower power bill will pay for itself within a short time.
  • Blow the budget with “bells and whistles” that are worth the cost. Sometimes items that seem to be extras provide the owner an entirely different experience. Casters for easy moving will be worth their weight in gold when the time comes to renovate or expand your kitchen. Interior lighting is a must for a busy kitchen in which every second count. Locks for safety and theft protection will be invaluable for the overall financial security of your business. When purchasing a commercial refrigerator, consider all of these options as investments into the future vitality of your establishment.

Your commercial refrigerator is one of the main pieces of operating your kitchen to its maximum performance. Carefully review all of the points listed above in order to make a selection of a refrigerator that will increase the health, safety and efficiency of your business.