Is it better to buy new or used restaurant equipment?

Is it better to buy new or used restaurant equipment? This question is one that restaurant owners always think about. There are pros and cons to both new and used equipment that make it even harder to figure out which kind to buy. 

Pros of new restaurant equipment

  1. Well, it's new

Obviously, new equipment is brand-spanking' new, so you know that it's great quality and that no one has ever used it before. It will last a very long time and will be a part of your kitchen for years and years. You won't have any issues with it because of how new it is, and if you do, it will be under warranty.

  1. You won't need to go shopping for quite a while

Because the equipment is so new, you won't have to go shopping for more for a really long time. Kitchen equipment is designed to be really durable, so it's rare that you would need to go shopping again under 10 years. You will save yourself some time, and some planning.

Cons of new restaurant equipment

  1. So expensive

You can spend a fortune on brand new kitchen equipment. You will have significant debt from your purchases, and it can be a setback for you initially. You will probably only be able to afford the bare basics, and even that will be a lot of money to spend all in one shot.

  1. It's hard to afford a lot of new equipment

It's hard to afford all of the brand new equipment you want because it's just so expensive. You will just have to buy the basics and settle for that. You will end up spending hundreds of thousands of dollars if you buy everything for your kitchen right out of the showroom.

Pros of used restaurant equipment

  1. It's actually affordable!

You can buy tons of used restaurant equipment and the quality will still be very good! Most restaurant equipment is designed to be durable. Lots of restaurant owners get upgraded equipment before they need to, and end up having perfectly fine used equipment that isn't being used. And, if you want to make sure that the equipment you're buying is good, all you have to do is ask to see it before you buy it. Sellers will definitely be more than happy to show it to you so you feel comfortable about the purchase.

  1. It will help your business thrive

Because of its affordability, buying new equipment will simultaneously improve your business in other areas. You will have more money to use for other areas of your restaurant, making your business even better every single day. You will have more money for supplies, for ingredients, and to pay your employees. You will have more money for yourself and come out with a bigger profit.

Cons of used restaurant equipment

  1. Possible problems

You may experience some problems with used equipment that you buy. If the equipment is over 10 years old, it's probably not a good idea to buy it. That many years might have a negative effect on the quality of the equipment. You need to be wary and ask the seller to see the equipment before you purchase it.

  1. Problems with the seller

If you don't know the seller of the equipment personally, you don't know if you can trust him. This makes the process of buying the used equipment a little stressful, and it might make you uneasy.

So, which is better?

Taking everything into consideration, it seems like buying used restaurant equipment is probably your best bet. In some cases, buying brand new equipment might be beneficial. However, it definitely isn't necessary to buy everything new. Buying used equipment will improve your kitchen and raise your budget.  Get the best-used kitchen equipment by joining us for our weekly restaurant equipment auction! If you see something you like, bid on it and it can be yours! We also have online auctions that you can join. Check it out today!