New Or Used Bakery Equipment: Which One Is Right For Your Restaurant?

Offering delicious, freshly baked goods can draw in loads of customers, but having the right equipment to bake those goods can make or break restaurants. Unfortunately, new bakery equipment is pricey and costs a lot upfront, especially for restaurants looking to expand. The solution? Used bakery equipment.

However, used bakery equipment comes with its share of minuses, although the money it can save you depending on the equipment you get can be a real dealbreaker.

It’s up to you to decide which equipment is right for you. New bakery equipment that can cost a lot and take a while, or sourcing inexpensive used bakery equipment from the best vendor for used restaurant equipment in Dallas, Texas Restaurant Supply.

New Equipment: The Pros and Cons

Shiny, brand-new equipment lined up all in a row along a counter can be a pretty sight, but it can cost more than an exotic vacation. However, having access to the latest technology and features, plus equipment personalized to your needs, may be precisely what you need.

Bakery equipment is a lot like cars. They are worth much less when you fire them up and use them. The moment you take it out of the showroom, the value of your equipment drops. Also, equipment is often made-to-order, which means a long manufacturing and delivery wait.

You shouldn’t buy new bakery equipment if you’re in a rush, as it takes time for the delivery and manufacturing process, so if your oven suddenly goes out. If you want to replace it with a new one, you will be limited in your business.

Appliances and equipment are updated, and older models are permanently discontinued. If you’re trying to replace anything over ten years old, you likely won’t be able to find the exact new oven. Also, if you enjoy a specific model of an oven and are just looking to replace particular oven, you might be out of luck.


  • Warranties
  • Latest Technology
  • Energy Saving


  • High Costs
  • Immediate Depreciation
  • Discontinued Models

Used Bakery Equipment: The Pros and Cons

This is the route if you’re looking to expand into baking immediately or need the equipment fast. Used bakery equipment can save you time and money. Manufacturing or delivery times are no longer required, and you get commercial equipment for a great price.

The money you save by buying used is no laughing matter either. 59% of restaurants fail within the first three years, meaning there’s a lot of pretty new equipment waiting to be snatched up by a savvy buyer.

Used equipment is already used, so there isn’t a significant drop in value when you take it back and fire them up. Plus, if you’re looking for a particular model, chances are you’ll be able to find one, even if it’s been discontinued.

But there are still some drawbacks, the biggest one being the lack of warranties on used equipment. If used equipment breaks down, you’re on the hook for replacing or fixing it. There’s also not much variety in the equipment selection available, so you may have to compromise with a piece that doesn’t have all the features you want.


  • Save Money
  • No Long Delivery Times
  • Older Styles of Equipment
  • Great Value


  • No Warranties
  • Limited Variety

Buy Equipment Based on Your Personal Needs

You should carefully consider what you’ll use your equipment for, then research to see what kinds of equipment, features, and baked goods they can produce. If you’re opening a bakery, you’ll need a wide range of equipment that can handle a variety of goods. If you just want to sell freshly baked cookies in your restaurant, you might need a tabletop oven.

New equipment may be more expensive, but it’s also more reliable with warranties to back it up. Used commercial restaurant equipment in Dallas is cheaper, but they have an inherent risk depending on how old and used they are.

So it’s up to you to decide if new equipment is worth the price (and depreciation) or if used restaurant equipment in Dallas can get the job done just fine at a fraction of the cost of buying new.