Commercial dishwashers are much more efficient than the employed workers washing your dishes. It’ll take about 1-4 minutes for a commercial dishwasher to thoroughly clean your dishes. They decrease the amount of required labor to wash many dishes, therefore, making commercial dishwashers essential for your restaurant and bar. The several advantages of owning a commercial dishwasher that we’ll be discussing are:

  • Improving the availability of kitchen dishes and more for restaurant rushes.
  • Increasing efficiency.
  • Saving time by washing many dishes in a quick time period.
  • Improving food safety by ensuring dishes are clean.
  • Saving more on expenses.
  • More effective cleaning.
  • Great investment.

Improving Availability During a Busy Period

Once you invest in a commercial dishwasher, you’ll be able to have a constant supply of clean dishes available. This way you won’t have to search for clean dishes while your customers are left out there waiting for their meals and drinks. You’ll be able to stay on top of things when there’s a restaurant rush.

Provide Efficiency

Commercial dishwashers can wash plenty of dishes at once, at any given time, in comparison to manually washing dishes. If we’re being honest, a couple of hands are no match for a machine. However, your staff will get the opportunity to focus on other aspects of their job, instead of worrying about handwashing dishes. They also won’t have to wait long before the dishwares are ready for plating.

With a commercial dishwasher, all you’d need to worry about is loading the dishes in and unloading them out of the machine after they’ve been thoroughly washed. Additionally, your customers will be pleased that they didn’t have to be kept waiting. Some people think that purchasing a standard dishwasher for their food industry business will save them more money.

Yet, it will not. Commercial dishwashers are more powerful and have the ability to take on much more work and have it done in shorter periods of time. A commercial dishwasher’s quick time is what’ll help a busy kitchen when they’re in desperate need of clean dishes.

Save Time

As mentioned before, commercial dishwashers can wash large quantities of dishes in a very short amount of time. You won’t have to wait around for clean dishes, thus making other tasks easier to accomplish for your employees.

Improves Food Safety

Following food safety regulations should be a priority for all food industry businesses owners. Commercial dishwashers give the chance to ensure that dishes are washed properly and sanitized in line with the regulations. This provides safety for the customers as well.

Save More on Expenses

With a commercial dishwasher, you get the opportunity to save on utility expenses. The commercial dishwashers used today are designed to use less power and water thanks to the new advances in technology. You also get faster, cleaner results while reducing the amount of detergent that’s consumed.

More Thorough Cleaning

Commercial dishwashers have a much more thorough cleaning process than standard dishwashers. They utilize strong dishwashing chemicals such as detergent and rinse-acid, with water that can reach high temperatures for washing. This combination can remove food debris, grease and even bacteria from all dishware.

After washing and rinsing all the dishes, it’ll also undergo a sanitation process of high temperature. This will kill off all the germs that are left behind during the washing process. Afterward, you’ll get great results of clean, smudge-free and grease-free dishware and reduce the risk of disturbing your customers with dirty dishware. Ensuring clean tableware helps protect the health of your customers.

Great Investments

Commercial dishwashers are great investments for your restaurant because of their strong durability and flexibility. Just as the majority of commercial kitchen equipment are, these machines are made to work harder for longer. You can have peace of mind knowing that your business has a reliably powerful machine that, in the long run, shows to be a wonderful investment.

With restaurant hygiene standards, your customers should be a top priority. Customers base their choice of restaurant on its cleanliness. So, a lack of clean dishes can have a huge, damaging impact on return business. Investing in a commercial dishwasher can bring your restaurant huge long-term benefits.

You can definitely depend on these machines to ensure your dishes are properly washed. Here at Texas Restaurant Supply, we provide commercial dishwashers and much more commercial equipment. Contact us today for our services or for further information.

Working in a professional kitchen is definitely not easy. Chefs, servants, waiters, etc. have to use several different techniques to create and serve quality meals and do so efficiently. Customers nowadays tend to care about efficiency the most when it comes to dining out. When working in a commercial setting, there are numerous ways that commercial equipment can improve your kitchen efficiency. The ones we’ll be discussing are:

  • Cooking food faster.
  • Improving the quality and taste of food.
  • Keeping the food warm and fresh.
  • Quickly cleaning the dishes.

Can Cook Your Food Much Faster

Most food establishments serve hundreds of customers a day, which means each day hundreds of meals must be prepared as well. To efficiently serve restaurants, chefs must be able to prepare meals in quick time. Commercial convection ovens are the best options when needing to prepare meals faster.

These appliances work much faster than conventional ovens and cook large amounts of food as well. The small fan in a convection oven evenly distributes heat throughout the interior. During this process, cold air bubbles around the food are reduced, which speeds up the process. The food is still cooked thoroughly.

Improves the Quality and Taste of Meals

Commercial equipment give chefs a significant amount of control, which sets them apart from regular equipment. Conventional ovens and stoves usually have limited capabilities. With commercial-grade options, chefs have specific control over an array of settings. Chefs can then improve kitchen efficiency because they’re able to dish out meals of restaurant quality to their precise taste.

Fresh ingredients also improve the taste and quality of meals, making them easier to cook with. Fresh ingredients require an up-to-date, high-quality commercial refrigerator. With proper maintenance, a commercial refrigerator can maintain the freshness of food while also maintaining its flavor. Not having to worry about the taste of the food will keep the cooking flow in the kitchen at a good speed.

Commercial fryers, blenders and other kitchen appliances can also help improve the quality of food, thus making it easier for chefs to cook. Keeping these appliances clean on a constant basis, with proper maintenance will induce the quality of your food. That way chefs can work productively in the kitchen.

Keeps the Food Warm and Fresh

Timing can make cooking a delicate process because it’s quite challenging to master. Appetizers must be served, then entrees, all at adequate time. Many restaurants tend to not have enough servers and waiters to consistently serve food as soon as it’s finished. Although, with commercial-grade food warmers and holders, food can be kept fresh. This is good in cases where there’s any delay in the time the food is plated to the time it’s served to the table.

Quickly Cleans the Dishware

Most kitchens have enough dishes, pots and pans stocked to serve plenty of tables each night. However, there are some kinds of food that are tougher to remove and clean off dirty dishes. Commercial dishwashers are able to clean many dishware items at a time, both quickly and efficiently. This appliance is very essential for kitchen staff.

It allows them to keep the orders flowing without having to worry about running out of clean dishes. Commercial dishwashers also ensure that all meals are served on sparkling clean, fresh dishware while improving the quality of the meal.

Texas Restaurant Supply has plenty of commercial equipment to choose from, that will improve your kitchen efficiency. To browse our equipment, visit our website. For more information, contact us today.

A residential fridge and commercial fridge each serve their own purpose and have their own advantages. A residential fridge can hold enough food to feed you and your family for about a week. A commercial fridge, however, has to contain enough food to feed at least 100 people a day. Nonetheless, there are many other different factors that set these two refrigeration types apart, such as:

  • The layout.
  • Their cooling ability.
  • Power and energy usage.
  • Its exteriors.
  • Maintenance and repair, which we’ll be discussing all below.

Their purpose is perhaps the most major difference between commercial and residential fridges. The residential fridge is constructed to hold the amount of food needed for an average family. A commercial fridge, on the other hand, is designed to stock larger quantities of food, specifically in the food industry, for business sake. Here are the more significant differences that divide the two:


Residential refrigeration normally has several shelves and compartments allowing the separation of the foods. It usually comes with a freezer incorporated and often even a water or ice maker included. Commercial refrigeration provides more space for holding larger quantities of food, which explains why they’re bigger in size compared to residential models. They also contain at least one or two shelves maximum, with the intention to make stacking food easier.

Cooling Ability

As expected, commercial refrigerators have a much higher cooling ability than residential fridges. Commercial fridges are backed by very powerful compressors and are usually equipped with temperature sensors and alarms. They’re able to sustain the constant temperature even when the fridge is opened at frequent intervals. Residential refrigerators are powered by weaker compressors and insulation. This results in the loss of heat and temperature fluctuations, causing food safety hazards.

Power and Energy Usage

Like the cooling ability, commercial refrigerators have more power than residential fridges. The food industry involves strict codes and regulations governing the food storage and the temperature it should be set to. So, the higher cooling power is beneficial for food establishments.

However, despite its energy-saving features, commercial fridges still consume more energy than residential refrigerators. Commercial fridges keep a consistent temperature even if it needs more energy to handle the safety of perishable food items. That being said, residential refrigerators are more energy efficient. They allow the shutting down of the unit and drift in the temperature to save more energy.


The majority of commercial fridges in food establishments have stainless steel exteriors. Some can be scratch-resistant or polished glass. It’s designed to have strong durability, enough to remain after increased damage from wear and tear, with corrosion resistance. Residential fridges, on the other hand, are generally made of fragile, weak materials compared to commercial fridges.

Residential refrigerators are more susceptible to damage from wear and tear caused by the constant opening and closing of doors. However, they do come in several different shapes, sizes and materials, with a wide selection of colors as well.

Maintenance and Repair

With commercial and residential refrigerators, you cannot expect the same technician to solve the problems of both refrigeration units. It’s best to ensure that the technician you contact is completely conversant with the refrigeration type you have. It’s most crucial in restaurant situations where complications or setbacks can cost food businesses thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

A commercial technician must perform regular maintenance checkups, repairs and servicing of commercial refrigerators. All of this must be done regularly at frequent intervals. The technician should be well trained and qualified to solve all commercial-fridge problems. If not, it may result in a big loss in terms of food costs. Also, their services will cost more than the services of residential technicians.

It would be wiser to choose a commercial refrigerator for your commercial setting, and a residential refrigerator for your at-home kitchen. Consider the purposes each of them serves and the advantages they both bring, to make your decision accordingly. Visit our website to browse our restaurant equipment and supply. For more information, contact us today!