Before starting a restaurant business of your own, you will need to learn how to identify the different types of restaurant equipment. Here at Texas Restaurant Supply, our team of experts can guide you through each kind of restaurant equipment you will need to know.

Front of House Equipment

From a customer’s perspective, you start at the front of the house.  When you first walk inside a restaurant, the first thing to notice is the furniture.

Depending on the restaurant type, the tables may be plain tabletops or tables covered in a tablecloth. They are matched with either a couple of chairs in a set of two or four, a booth seat with a pair of chairs, or two booth seats. And in smaller restaurants, there’s a set of salt and pepper shakers and a napkin dispenser. For casual and fine dining, they will provide you a set of silverware, mainly a fork, knife, and spoon, in a folded napkin or napkin cloth.

As a restaurant owner, your waiters and waitresses must provide hospitality with a drink. For fine dining, you have wine glasses to drink water and wine. For casual dining, durable plastic cups for guests who want water and sodas, and alcoholic glasses like mugs and martini glasses for adults who want a beer or special cocktail.

And, of course, you can’t have food orders without a menu. Menus and menu-boards provide your guests information about what kind of food they offer and the options available. They have later established QR codes on a restaurant card due to the COVID-19 outbreak as a safety measure to prevent it from spreading. The codes can be scanned on a phone camera to be taken to a URL menu of the restaurant now that most restaurants have a public wifi router.

Operation Equipment

To keep track of food orders, your floor staff will need to use a POS system. The system can be either handled manually or electronically.

A manual POS system requires writing the order by hand in an order pad. Then, it's taken into the kitchen for the chefs to cook. Finally, it is calculated by the register. This is best for smaller operated restaurants such as diners and food trucks.

An electronic POS system has electronics that are connected wirelessly and are easy to use. You can write or type orders using a PDA. It's immediately transferred to the desktop register, ready to be sent to the kitchen's printer. After the order is in, it calculates the cost. This method is perfect for larger eating establishments such as buffets and hotel restaurants.

Kitchen Equipment

What makes a restaurant known is its kitchen staff to produce the food people love. A proper kitchen not only cooks quality meals by skills alone but with the right equipment.

Food will need proper and cold storage. For perishable foods like fruits and vegetables, you want to use a walk-in fridge. This is helpful if you prevent kitchen traffic from being blocked by a reach-in refrigerator. The same can be said for freezers when storing and gathering frozen desserts.

Counters are customizable based on the kitchen space you are using. For smaller kitchens, an L-shape or a vertical kitchen can be used with a staff of 3 to 8 people. A larger kitchen contains a set of tabletop counters in the center as range ovens and sinks operate by the wall. In all kitchens, the surfaces are made of stainless steel for easier cleaning.

Most importantly, you will need cooking utensils and cooking ware. Pots and pans can come in stainless steel and non-stick. Knives are available and are reusable when they are sharpened over time to prevent them from being dull. And utensils vary on the dishes your kitchen produces and can have multiple purposes than one dish.

If you would like further assistance about the types of restaurant equipment, contact Texas Restaurant Supply today, and we'll get you on the line with one of our experts.

From the kitchen of a restaurant to the mobile kitchen in a food truck and to the kitchen of your home, the right equipment can give you great results for your cooking. And we can't forget about hospitality with dining room decor and furniture for your dining area. The question is, where do you start looking?

You could start at a home improvement store or a custom furniture store. What could be holding you back from buying? The answer lies in the price tag from the restaurant equipment's big brand. When a popular name shows up in a supermarket, prices become more expensive for their products than they actually are.

So, where to look for next? You could grab one of those membership cards for a bulk store that can sell restaurant equipment cheaper. While the rewards are great, renewing your membership can be exhausting. Think about how frequently you could shop here for supplies along with your monthly or yearly membership renewal. It's not very convenient either when you might accidentally miss the renewal time receiving late fees.

Where you should look for your kitchen and dining supplies is at a restaurant supply store. No membership is required, it's open to the public, and most importantly, you can buy kitchenware and dining furniture for cheap. At Texas Restaurant Supply, we offer all customers better options to purchase and save on their equipment needs.

With our large inventory, we have something for everyone. And we don't mean only restaurant owners and food truck operators. When we say everyone, we really mean all types of customers.

A bed-and-breakfast can't have breakfast without proper kitchen equipment and needs an inviting dining area for guests. Any sports arena should be prepared for hungry sports fans for a two-hour game with their concessions stands. And you can't have an outdoor luncheon without a portable kitchen and plain picnic tables. Our restaurant supply store can provide all of the equipment and supplies you need for every occasion.

And we provide affordable, up-to-date POS systems too. They are not only great for taking orders from the dining room to the kitchen. They are great for supplying retail stores and hotels. And are a great visual and technical tool for first-time employees to manage a cash register in the business.

Our dining and kitchen equipment is not limited by area. If you have a creative mindset, try out these home decorating tips. You can use wired pantry shelves for bathrooms that aren't built with a wall shelf to store your toiletries. Vases, wall ornaments, and other dining room decor can decorate other rooms in the house for a vibrant atmosphere. And steel mixing bowls and buckets are great for creating large industrial projects or arts and crafts.

Here's what makes our restaurant supply store very special. With our kitchen equipment, we sell from brand new to used and scratch-and-dents. We rescued used equipment from restaurant liquidation to prevent it from collecting dust and taking up inventory space. Scratch-and-dents are new equipment but only damaged on the exterior. Both of their qualities make the price cheaper and affordable while they are cleaned in fine working condition.

For bulk dining supplies, you have more options than supermarkets and membership stores combined. We offer recyclable plastic and cardboard dining ware for food trucks and takeout. Our china comes in clean and arranged from durable porcelain to melamine for casual and fine dining. Thanks to our convenience, you can pick these supplies in-store, order ahead online for pick-up, and order them in and out of state with delivery.

And because restaurant equipment is our specialty, we have experts on the sales floor who can help provide you the information before your purchase. If you like to know more about our affordable equipment, contact us at Texas Restaurant Supply, or visit the Texas Restaurant Supply website to order your equipment online today.

When it comes to choosing a restaurant supply store to trust for your restaurant, three things come to mind. Is the equipment they provided expensive to buy? How convenient is the store for your needs? And what can else can they provide you other than kitchen supplies?

Texas Restaurant supply is the best store you can go to. For over 35 years, we provide our customers excellent service to customers in and out of state. Whether you are a restaurant owner, a homeowner, or an event host, there is something for everybody in our stores.

Buying and Selling Kitchen Equipment

Most big brand stores that provide kitchenware and restaurant essentials will try to sell you something that is high-quality, but out of your price range. In our store, we provide you with high-quality equipment that is in your spending budget. Our equipment ranged from new to used equipment. And the secret scratch and dent.

Why would we sell you something used? Used equipment does not mean useless. It means it's no longer in use from the previous owner while it's still usable. Scratch and dents are something similar. They are new items but damaged on the exterior while handled during shipping, affecting the price to cut down, and they still work. Both have affordable prices and are in proper working condition.

If you have any unused equipment that's no longer in use and is taking up space in your inventory, or any equipment that has be scratch and dent, Texas Restaurant Supply is happy to buy it from you as long as it's in working condition. And provide that equipment to a future owner who will put it to good use.

Heavily Provided Services

Here, at Texas Restaurant Supply, we’re not only a restaurant supply store. We offer you and our community a variety of services. For restaurant owners facing business closure, we offer restaurant liquidation to prevent any of your equipment from going to waste. For currently operating or newly open businesses, we offer business remodeling. Our expertise can help you design your new interior and exterior to attract customers and improve restaurant productivity.

As a family-owned business, we care about customers who plan to open a new restaurant someday by repossessing their equipment from landlord seizures. And anyone that is closing their business, we provide property clean-up as well. We’ll assist you in cleaning and moving your equipment before real estate agents and landlords can show new property owners their new workspace.

Convenient for Texas and Nationwide

Our convenience in Texas has spread from Grand Prairie to Arlington and Irvine. As we need to be available for large and small restaurant businesses, we are also open to the public for everyone searching for a great value high-quality kitchen and dining supplies. Whether you are a homeowner looking forward to renovating your kitchen, someone who needs to replace their coffeemaker, or preparing for a special luncheon, it is all in one place.

Other than kitchen equipment, we offer dining room furniture and decor, silverware and china, coolers, and sinks. They are not only for a restaurant. They can be used anywhere in the house, in the office, and in facilities. The best part is you can afford the items you want for a better price than big brand stores.

Thanks to our growing community, we are ably available for online orders to ship our new and used equipment to you locally and nationwide. Texas Restaurant Supply has partnered with over 45 kitchen manufacturers to choose from based on their high-quality performance while staying affordable for our customers.

To all of our customers, thank you for making us your restaurant supply store. For over 35 years, the Texas Restaurant Supply staff have been happily giving their expertise and their hospitality in and out of the store. If you like to join us today for affordable kitchen supplies, contact Texas Restaurant Supply today.