As a restaurant owner, you may not think that clean water is one of the most important parts of your business. Take a moment and consider how many hundreds or thousands of gallons of clean water you may need to get through a day or a week at work. 

What it comes down to is this: You need to make sure that you have a clean, quality water filtration system in each piece of your kitchen equipment that needs water filtration. Here are a few things that you should know about the importance of water filtration systems in commercial kitchen equipment. 

Water quality varies

What restaurant owners may not be aware of is that water quality can vary drastically from state to state or even city to city. Many areas across the US can have water with high concentrations of dissolved materials, disinfectants, tiny solid particles, and even residual bacteria in the water that may cause it to taste strange or unpleasant. This is the time you need to consider the quality and capabilities of your water filtration systems. 

To consistently produce great-tasting, high-quality, safe food and drinks for your customers, making sure that you have a fixed, clean, stable, and unfluctuating water supply to all of your kitchen equipment.  

Water filtration systems are used everywhere in a restaurant

Many of us think of the primary water filtration systems being in the sinks and water lines that lead to the kitchen and the bathrooms. Those are the only places that restaurant owners and managers need clean, filtered, running water. Here are some of the most common pieces of commercial kitchen equipment that require water filtration systems. 

1. Water filtration in commercial ice makers

Ice may be one of the most abundantly and widely used elements in your restaurant. Unless a customer requests it, ice is something that you are going to put in every drink you pour, and far more than that as well. If you don’t have a high-quality water filtration system in your ice maker, that can lead to unfiltered and unclean or strange tasting ice cubes. To make sure you have high-quality ice, you need to be sure that your water filtration system on your commercial ice maker is maintained and replaced when needed. 

2. Water filtration in your beverage machines

Commercial beverage machines need a water line to produce soft drinks, tea, ice, and water, of course. Making sure that you maintain and update your water filter in your beverage machine will keep sediment from clogging the waterlines. This is also going to lead to more consistently clean-tasting drinks and beverages. 

3. Water filtration for coffee, tea, and espresso

You may have individual water lines running to your coffee makers and espresso machines. You may even have multiple hot water spouts for tea. In any and all of these cases, you want to make sure that you have clean water filtration to each of them. Unfiltered water can lead to stale tasting coffee, tea, and espresso. Make sure that you have quality water filters on these pieces of commercial equipment so that you can give your customers quality taste. 

4. Water filtration for your commercial steamer

Commercial steamers and combi-ovens are incredibly handy for food preparation in a restaurant. If you don’t have clean filtered water for your steam though, it can have a negative impact on the taste of your food. 


There is no reason to let hard, mineral-dense, strange-tasting, or unclean water negatively impact your business. We offer a wide range of quality commercial restaurant equipment and water filtration systems to make sure your restaurant is running smoothly. Check out our inventory at Texas Restaurant Equipment or contact us today to learn more.