Texas Restaurant Equipment  buys and sells the latest food service and restaurant equipment by the world's leading manufacturers such as Omega. Omega Juicers develops some of the most efficient and reliable commercial capacity juicers on the market today. Omega’s founder, Robert Leo, spent over twenty years at the helm of a pioneering juicing company listening to consumers and crafting a product concept that could deliver what clients wanted. Armed with industry experience and a clear vision, Leo launched his own company in 1985. Originally called Olympic Products and later renamed Omega Products, we are still the only company on the market that offers consumers centrifuge, masticating, and pulp ejection style juicers.

In 2009, Omega was acquired by the Legacy Companies. The Legacy Companies was founded in 1998 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and currently owns such world famous foodservice brands as General Slicing, Maxximum, and Zeroll. Despite the rise of countless imitators, Omega has proven that a solid foundation and consumer driven design is the only way to achieve enduring success.

Omega has a long list of products that serve the Food Service Industry:

Juicers - As the industry has flourished and grown to include a larger number of providers and health conscious consumers, Omega’s product offerings have also evolved. Omega’s flagship juicers are the Centrifuge style juicers which extract 20% to 30% more juice then others, and utilize a vertical stainless steel basket to consistently spin juice out of pulp for a silky smooth drink. The “Pulp Ejection” style juicers that are also part of the Omega line feature a receptacle bin that catches all refuse from produce and makes cleanup and disposal quick and simple without sacrificing power or speed. Omega’s “Mega Mouth” facilitates productivity even further with a oversized feed chute that accommodates extra large portions and even whole fruits. In addition, Omega’s “Masticating” style juicers help health conscious consumers add wheatgrass and leafy greens to their juice because of an 80 RPM “low speed juicing system” that reduces heat buildup and oxidation while keeping healthy enzymes intact.

The Blenders - In recent news, Omega's BL660W series received an "A" rating from Good Housekeeping! Omega offers a selection of powerful blenders from 1 peak HP to 3 peak HP. With four blender series to choose from, you can pick the horse power, capacity, and blending features that you need. By providing a variety of power and control options, you can streamline your foodservice operation or home blending needs without compromising versatility. The BL3 series blenders give users 1 peak HP motor and simple on/off controls. There is an option for a tritan container, stainless steel container or both! The BL4 has a 3 peak HP motor and more options like timers, variable speeds and a choice in container capacity. And our BL6 series has even more options. They feature commercial grade Tritan containers, an advanced coupling system that allows all components to be seamlessly fitted, and a slip resistant base that keeps every blender steady, even on slick work surfaces. This series delivers consistently refreshing blends thanks to intuitive controls like the infinity control that automatically revs the machine up and down to pull the mixture into the blades. No plunger needed! An ideal combination for fast-paced kitchens.

The Drink Dispensers & Granita Machines - Aside from producing various juicers and blenders models, Omega has also designed drink dispensers and Granita machines that allow product to be cooled, mixed, and displayed in a compact, energy efficient container.

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