Purchase The Right Ice Maker For Your Restaurant

What Are Your Real Ice Needs & Include Peak Rushes?

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Texas Restaurant in  Houston & Dallas offers you a new business thought process. Here we go...Finally, the construction is complete, training has taken place and Grand Opening day is finally here. You open the doors at 11:00 am and find out at 1:30 pm in the middle of lunch rush you have no ice in your brand new ice machine??? What now. Emergency Ice at 3 times the rate blows your tight budget right off the bat. Thought you had it covered right?

If this has or is beginning to happen due to increased patrons at peak hours, then you need to take note and regroup. Just when you need it the most, you find out even at capacity your ice maker will not be able to supply your restaurant with all it's ice needs. What went wrong here: How much production do you really have to have. Sounds like figures were not realistic. Guess what, it happens all the time. You are not the only one...

Details You Must Know To Buy The Right Equipment:

  • Determine that clean clear ice and plenty of it are a requirement. Especially in hot summer months in the South.
  • Decide what style ice you want. Cube, Flake, or nugget. Consider the reality of melting in your glasses, back house needs, production capacity in real terms for the machines being         considered and last but not lease storage capacity.
  • Consider design temperatures for machines for the air and water. 10* difference can reduce daily ice production by 10%.
  • Small confined areas may also limit production and storage due to heat generated by the equipment.
  • Air Cooled or Water Cooled for the compressor and condenser systems matters. Waste can be costly dumping cooling water.
  • Closed loop and cooling towers may not be feasible in your facility. Electrical bills do matter over the life of your budget.
  • Consider location and sounds from operation, especially if it is close to a dining area. Remote condenser units may be helpful.
  • Check out new technology and innovations. Intelligent diagnostics and remote monitoring may balance energy and water usage.
  • Check out new compact sleek models since space is always a consideration.

Always have a water filter, taste, cleaning frequency, and good quality water mean top equipment performance and are a hit with your diners.

Since you need water to cook, clean, prepare food, and serve as a beverage; Texas Restaurant thinks this is a top priority. If you need to take it to the next level the next most important thing would be Maintenance or purchase a used ice maching and sign a maintanance contract that includes cleaning and filtering.

Proper maintenance is critical to productivity, food safety and ice quality and much more in the kitchen. Determine manufacturer recommendations. Meeting health department codes and cleaning and sanitizing requirements are just as important as sanitizers and cleansers. Check into regular cleaning and maintenance schedules or contracts with professional service agencies in your area that can schedule this service for you. Believe us when we say it matters...Today's educated dining patrons don't want to smell or see stuff in their water that shouldn't be there.

Be realistic in your location. Servicing is a top priority. Style is also a big consideration if beverage dispensers are at the customer level. The most important things to remember about your ice maker is to choose the machine that best meets your needs and then take care of it as a necessity and not just when you remember. Every customer has a beverage. Quality tasting water is a great way to begin your relationship with every diner who comes to your establishment. Filtered water signage can go a long way toward meeting client needs without having to say a word.

Everyone drinks water for life it's just that important. Bearing that in mind, contact Texas Restaurant Supply before you buy. Ask us to help you determine production for your business and what needs to be in place for additional growth.

Call us here at Texas Restaurant Supply, together we can find options to secure your business for the future…

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