The Food Processor - A Must in Any Commercial Kitchen

The food processor is great for any size of commercial kitchen whether it is large or only a grab-and-go fast food restaurant. As commercial property prices are on the rise, the need to find compact, powerful equipment is more important than ever. Here are six reasons why you should include this product in your commercial kitchen.

1. Fast Food Prep

When you have a commercial restaurant, there is always the pressure to have faster service while not shirking on quality. Using a food processor can help you with that. Chopping fresh vegetables takes time, so many restaurants buy pre-packaged or frozen foods to save time in the kitchen. When you have a food processor, you do not have to take that shortcut or have your employees spend the time manually cutting ingredients. Instead, you can rely on the food processor to do all the work. Your employees only have to feed foodstuff into the processor and the machine goes about chopping or slicing.

2. Attachments

Food processors can do a myriad of things like shredding, grating, grinding, dicing, slicing, crimping, pulping and whipping. The options are endless when it comes to food processors and how they can prepare food. The best part about all their fancy features is that you do not have to hassle with buying a whole new item for your kitchen, all you need is an attachment.

3. Versatile

As you may have guessed with the many attachments available for these amazing machines, food processors are very versatile. Not only can you chop or slice vegetables or fruit, but you can also mix sauces such as pesto, curries and even butter.

4. Durable Equipment

Another reason why food processors are a good choice for commercial kitchens is that manufacturers make them with durable material. When you run a restaurant, you know your equipment undergoes use from sunup to sundown. With that amount of wear and tear on your equipment, it is vital that you purchase high-quality supplies so you do not have to keep replacing them. When it comes to food processors, they are made to be reliable and take a beating.

5. Easy to Use

Food processors are easy to use, which is beneficial for your employees. Since there are so many hours taken up in a business doing training, you will not need to do much training on a thousand types of equipment if you have a food processor. This is because the food processor can do the work of several pieces of equipment combined.

6. Affordable

After hearing all the things food processors can do, I am sure you think they quite expensive. Even though they are a powerhouse machine and quite durable, they are reasonably priced. With any type of equipment, there are tiers of quality and features available with each style. These amazing food service machines will save you money in the long run. The reason for that is because if you want to slice instead of dice, you do not have to buy a new piece of equipment. Instead, you only have to buy the slicing attachment.

The next time you are considering what to upgrade your restaurant with, Contact Texas Restaurant Supply to see if they have a food processor. They have so many benefits and are so easy to use. The best part about it is that they take up a very little amount of counter space, but can do so much work in so little time. It will speed up your employees’ production time while not forcing you to take shortcuts through prepackaged and processed foods.