What Equipment Would I Need to Start a Burger Restaurant?

Living in the US, burger places are everywhere. Although most people think of fast food when trying to buy a burger, the fact is that tons of local restaurants can make some of the best burgers in the world.

If you’re trying to enter into this world, then you need the right equipment to get started. Although your recipes and menu items will help you stand out among the competition, it’s imperative that you have the best machinery to ensure that each burger comes out perfectly.

So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at the essential pieces you need to open a burger restaurant.

Grill - Flat-Top or Range?

Since you could be cooking hundreds of burgers every day, you need a fast and reliable grill upon which to sizzle each patty to perfection. Typically speaking, there are two types of grills available - ranges and flat-tops.

Many burger restaurants like having a range because they can cook patties over an open flame, as well as get grill marks on each burger. Unfortunately, ranges are relatively limited, as there are only so many spots on which to cook. If you’re opening a restaurant that serves other items as well as burgers, then a range may be suitable, assuming that you’re not inundated with orders.

For the most part, though, a flat-top will be the best option. You can cook more patties, as well as grill other foods like buns and onions. You can customize the heat on each section of the grill, which ensures that each part of the burger is cooked correctly.

Refrigeration - Walk-in or Reach-in?

When talking about how to keep your food cold, you will have to decide whether you need walk-in or reach-in. However, realistically speaking, you may need both, depending on the size of your restaurant space. Let’s break down the differences between the two.

Walk-in Fridge

Overall, if you’re getting cold food items in bulk (i.e., tomatoes, lettuce, ground beef), then a walk-in is ideal. Because you have so much space inside, you can hold all kinds of items, including prepped food. That being said, a walk-in doesn’t cool food quickly, so you never want to put hot items inside, as they can sit in the danger zone for too long. Another issue with walk-in fridges is that opening the door frequently can cause the temperature to rise, as it takes a lot of time to cool the whole space. Thus, if you’re going into it many times during the lunch rush, it could affect your food quality.

Reach-In Fridge

If space is limited, then reach-in models are going to be your best bet. These refrigerators come in a variety of sizes, which enables you to place them wherever necessary to keep all of your food nearby.

Reach-ins are ideal as “working” fridges since they work well when opening and closing them regularly throughout the day. Unfortunately, if you overfill the inside with too many items, then the air can’t get everywhere, which can cause food safety issues.

Other Equipment

Technically speaking, all you need is refrigeration and a cooktop to start a burger restaurant (assuming that you have cookware already). However, to make your business operate smoother, you will want some additional pieces, like the ones listed below.

Ice Machine - if you’re offering drinks to your guests, then you need to be able to ice them down quickly.

Fryer - burgers are nothing without fries, which means that you need a commercial fryer to make them. Be sure to get the right size for making as many batches as necessary throughout the day.

Burger Press - you may not need a burger press to make the perfect patty, but it certainly helps.

Vegetable Slicer - cutting onions, pickles, and tomatoes are so much faster when you have a commercial-grade slicer in your place.

Meat Grinder - if you’re making your burger patties from scratch, you need a way to grind your beef.

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