What is the Equipment Required to Start a Cafe?

No matter where you live, coffee is going to be popular. Every day, Americans consume over 400 million cups of coffee, making it the largest consumer of the beverage in the world. Thus, opening a new coffee shop is a smart business model, considering that almost everyone in the country drinks it.

However, while a prime location, killer logo, and quality ingredients can make or break your business, you need the right equipment to make sure that you can serve potentially hundreds of cups each day to your customers.

So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at the various devices you’ll need to get your cafe up and running.

Drip Coffee Maker

Although many people prefer specialty drinks like espresso or iced coffee, about a third of your business will be standard drip coffee. Thus, you want to invest in a few of these machines so that you can make several different varieties at one time (i.e., regular and decaf). When picking the right coffee maker, keep in mind these variables:

Speed - how fast can it make a batch?

Quantity - how much coffee can it make at one time?

Reliability - will you need to fix or upgrade your machine sooner rather than later?

Overall, we recommend having no more than four drip coffee makers in your cafe, as too many will overwhelm you and your staff (not to mention take up too much space). Also, having a limited menu is typically better for efficiency’s sake.

Espresso Maker

Considering that espresso requires a different machine, you have to get one for your cafe. These devices can be quite pricey, so you will want to consider all of the various elements to ensure that you’re buying the right one for your needs.

Again, look at the speed, quantity, and reliability of each model to see if it will work well for your shop. Also, consider the fact that you can upgrade to a larger model (or a second one) if your espresso sales climb.

Coffee Grinders

Sure, you could buy pre-ground coffee beans, but then why are people coming to your cafe instead of making coffee at home? Instead, you will want to grind your beans in-house for a fresher, more delectable taste.

When picking out a grinder, you will want to get one for regular coffee as well as espresso. Speed and reliability are crucial, as you need to grind the beans immediately before brewing, as a delay of even 10 minutes can cause the flavor to decline sharply.


Most people love to have milk or creamer in coffee, which means that you’ll need a refrigerator to keep those ingredients cool at all times. While you probably don’t need to get a walk-in, several reach-in coolers will enable you to pull these items as necessary throughout the day.


Iced coffee and frappuccinos are highly popular these days, which means that you need a way to blend these drinks for your customers. When buying a blender, you will want to invest in a sound shield so that the noise isn’t too distracting. Also, make sure that it’s powerful enough to make tons of drinks during your busy times.

Ice Machine

In addition to a blender, you’ll need reliable access to ice for all of these drinks as well. A commercial-grade ice machine will ensure that you don’t run out when you’re busiest.

Food Preparation

Even though most coffee shops may not offer hot food items, you should be able to serve an assortment of food along with your beverages. Whether it’s baked goods like doughnuts or you decide to offer hot meals (i.e., sandwiches), you’ll need the right prep equipment to make it happen. Here are a few of them.

Oven - making baked goods fresh in-house is an excellent way to add quality and taste for your customers.

Prep Tables - whether it’s sandwiches or pastries, you’ll need a table upon which to make everything.

Toaster - toasting bread can make it better for sandwiches and other food options.

Panini Press - many people love having a panini with coffee, so investing in one of these devices could add value to the cafe experience.

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