Which is the Best Place for Restaurant Supply Stores

When it comes to choosing a restaurant supply store to trust for your restaurant, three things come to mind. Is the equipment they provided expensive to buy? How convenient is the store for your needs? And what can else can they provide you other than kitchen supplies?

Texas Restaurant supply is the best store you can go to. For over 35 years, we provide our customers excellent service to customers in and out of state. Whether you are a restaurant owner, a homeowner, or an event host, there is something for everybody in our stores.

Buying and Selling Kitchen Equipment

Most big brand stores that provide kitchenware and restaurant essentials will try to sell you something that is high-quality, but out of your price range. In our store, we provide you with high-quality equipment that is in your spending budget. Our equipment ranged from new to used equipment. And the secret scratch and dent.

Why would we sell you something used? Used equipment does not mean useless. It means it's no longer in use from the previous owner while it's still usable. Scratch and dents are something similar. They are new items but damaged on the exterior while handled during shipping, affecting the price to cut down, and they still work. Both have affordable prices and are in proper working condition.

If you have any unused equipment that's no longer in use and is taking up space in your inventory, or any equipment that has be scratch and dent, Texas Restaurant Supply is happy to buy it from you as long as it's in working condition. And provide that equipment to a future owner who will put it to good use.

Heavily Provided Services

Here, at Texas Restaurant Supply, we’re not only a restaurant supply store. We offer you and our community a variety of services. For restaurant owners facing business closure, we offer restaurant liquidation to prevent any of your equipment from going to waste. For currently operating or newly open businesses, we offer business remodeling. Our expertise can help you design your new interior and exterior to attract customers and improve restaurant productivity.

As a family-owned business, we care about customers who plan to open a new restaurant someday by repossessing their equipment from landlord seizures. And anyone that is closing their business, we provide property clean-up as well. We’ll assist you in cleaning and moving your equipment before real estate agents and landlords can show new property owners their new workspace.

Convenient for Texas and Nationwide

Our convenience in Texas has spread from Grand Prairie to Arlington and Irvine. As we need to be available for large and small restaurant businesses, we are also open to the public for everyone searching for a great value high-quality kitchen and dining supplies. Whether you are a homeowner looking forward to renovating your kitchen, someone who needs to replace their coffeemaker, or preparing for a special luncheon, it is all in one place.

Other than kitchen equipment, we offer dining room furniture and decor, silverware and china, coolers, and sinks. They are not only for a restaurant. They can be used anywhere in the house, in the office, and in facilities. The best part is you can afford the items you want for a better price than big brand stores.

Thanks to our growing community, we are ably available for online orders to ship our new and used equipment to you locally and nationwide. Texas Restaurant Supply has partnered with over 45 kitchen manufacturers to choose from based on their high-quality performance while staying affordable for our customers.

To all of our customers, thank you for making us your restaurant supply store. For over 35 years, the Texas Restaurant Supply staff have been happily giving their expertise and their hospitality in and out of the store. If you like to join us today for affordable kitchen supplies, contact Texas Restaurant Supply today.