Why You Should Purchase Used Commercial Restaurant Equipment

If you’re ready to start your restaurant, following the buying the location, picking the new name and so forth, you undoubtedly arrive at the dreaded equipment search. After all, there won’t be any food in your restaurant unless you and your staff have something to whip it up on, right?

As you’re looking, it’s more than likely that you’re coming across two options, used and new— the faithful fork in the road where a question comes to mind, which do you buy? Well, we’ll tell you right now.

Buy used.

Why? Don’t worry. We won’t just tell you what to do without providing ample information. If you want to hear why you should buy used over new equipment, continue reading below.

It’s a money saver.

In any post created in support of buying used equipment, we’d be foolish not to mention this benefit. Money… along with your customers, is the lifeblood of your business. Without it, not only can you not buy ingredients to create your culinary masterpieces, but you can’t even keep the lights on and the doors open.

So from that perspective, it’s a no-brainer to buy used.

You can also feel confident that you aren’t overextending yourself. In other words, should a repair come up in your kitchen or another part of your restaurant, you can certainly deal with that—all thanks to the money you saved.

You’re likely to find a great deal.

Assuming that you buy new, there’s bound to be one or two pieces of equipment you really want but simply cannot afford. However, if you go with used equipment, you can likely find some fantastic equipment, maybe even the pieces you wish you could afford, for a complete steal.

That means that you can use higher quality equipment to produce higher quality food while keeping your wallet intact. Not a bad deal from any way that you look at it.

Used equipment is completely safe.

A common worry in the used equipment conversation is that once you buy it, it’ll stop working nearly the next day—even costing you a pretty penny to repair. But you really shouldn’t worry at all. The times of just crossing your fingers and hoping for the best outcome have come and gone, with many resellers ensuring that the equipment in question is in top working condition before you ever purchase it.

There are a ton of options.

This is less of a benefit and more so just us trying to ease a typical worry. You see, many people just take a glance at the used equipment market and assume that there aren’t many options, simply pushing themselves to buy new. But the reality of the used market is that there are tons of options available. We’ll even go far as to say that no matter what type of restaurant you have, you can find the equipment you need.

You can often negotiate.

Looking at new equipment, the price you see is what you have to pay if you want to see that piece of equipment in your restaurant. On the other hand, buying used equipment can allow you to negotiate the seller down and buy even further below retail prices, which again saves you even more money.

You can find used equipment with a remaining warranty.

Many restaurant owners are in love with warranties. And they fear that buying used means giving that up—no ifs, ands or buts. Yet, that’s not the case! You can absolutely find equipment with the warranty still 100 percent intact. You only have to look for it. You might want to poke around an auction to raise your chances of finding one.

Here’s one final reason…

Buying used is easy! Especially because you’re already in the best place to do it. If you want to look at the used equipment that’s ready and waiting for you and your restaurant, all you need to do is check out the rest of our website! Click here.