4 Trends to Watch in Food Service Equipment in 2020

With 2019 coming to a close, commercial restaurant owners and managers look to the coming year to see what will change and what will stay the same. Although some things will usually stay the same in a restaurant, there are certain changes you need to take into account when considering 2020. Here are some changes in food service equipment that may sway your choices of what you will buy this year.

1. Internet of Things (IoT)

Technology is always evolving, changing the way we do things on a day-to-day basis. From the simple digital thermometers to a refrigerator or oven equipped with the latest technology, these changes are going to take over even more in 2020. Even though these IoT devices can cost quite a bit more upfront, they will save you and your restaurant money in the future through their cost-effective and energy-saving benefits.

Using technology will become even more of a fact of life in the commercial setting as this equipment can measure temperature, activity, humidity and offer safety features such as automatically turning off when no longer used.

Technology does not only assist your cooks to provide better food for your customers, but also in maintaining your restaurant's inventory, energy usage and equipment maintenance to name a few.

2. Sustainability

Restaurants have always strived to maintain a certain level of sustainability and that is not about to change with 2020. One reason why this has been a top priority for restaurant owners is because running a commercial kitchen operation is never a low-cost endeavor. Keeping expenses down whether it be from labor, water, electricity and food is key to having a successful business. You may have noticed that many restaurants have stopped offering straws, used recycled napkins and switched to plant-based packaging to show they care about the waste their business generates. This desire to increase sustainability in food service equipment is on the rise for 2020 as restaurant owners continue to buy more efficient equipment.

3. Designs

In addition to seeking more technological advanced and sustainable equipment, operators consider food service products more for their design than ever before. From a one burner countertop range to a digital touch screen on a refrigerator, the look of equipment will matter. An increasing amount of restaurant operators want equipment that is smaller, easier to move and serve multiple functions. As commercial kitchens where customers can see the cooks prepare their food increase in popularity, kitchen equipment suppliers will offer more options such as new colors and features.

4. Off-Premise Consumers

The way restaurants get their delicious dishes to their customers has changed throughout the years. First it was an individual restaurant location that turned into a chain. As restaurants grew in popularity and the demand only increased, fast-food places arose. With that, restaurants adapted even more where they offered drive-thru services, making it so their customers did not even have to leave their cars. Now we are at a time where catering services and delivery options are only increasing, especially with companies like uber eats. Come 2020, restaurants should continue to move with the times, making the necessary adjustments. Because delivery is in more demand, there is new equipment available such as leak-proof thermal carriers of various sizes and organization methods and new sealed beverage carriers.

As you look forward to 2020 with your restaurant in mind, make sure you take into consideration these coming trends. Be prepared to use technology equipped devices in your kitchens as they will allow for increased safety to your employees and are cost effective. Another way you can save money in 2020 is through making sure you have sustainable products and practices, thus increasing your profits and saving the planet. As you consider what products to purchase, make sure they fit your commercial kitchen’s needs and space. Lastly, stay up to date with customers and respect their decision to eat your food at locations other than your restaurant. These growing trends will take off in 2020, giving way to a whole new method of operations in your average commercial restaurant. Do not wait, visit Texas Restaurant supply today so you can get your order in before the year begins.