Amana Commercial Products

Texas Restaurant Equipment in Dallas and Houston., buys and sells the latest food service and restaurant equipment by the world's leading manufacturers such as Amana Commercial high-speed cooking products. Amana has helped thousands of foodservice establishments cook smarter and faster. Designed to help operators reduce prep time, increase efficiency and improve overall food quality, Amana's high-performing microwave and convection ovens have become critical, energy-efficient equipment in today’s busy foodservice environments. As the only American-based commercial microwave manufacturer, Amana also has the ability to customize products to provide solutions for every foodservice need.

Amana thinks about appliances all day, every day. Amana also thinks about you - the person who just wants cold milk, clean clothes and evenly popped popcorn. You know, the simple things in life.

So Amana doesn't concentrate on bells and whistles. Amana doesn't even have an E-class or XLT. They do good, better, and best models. Their time is spent making appliances easy to use and simple to care for. After all, they're just appliances.

Smart, simple,  Amana appliances.

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