Are Small Appliances Really Necessary Pieces of Restaurant Equipment?

The success of a restaurant depends on its ability to efficiently produce quality food. Commercial kitchens rely on the array of appliances and utensils specifically designed for their cuisine. A well-curated collection of high-quality tools means more cooking consistency and accelerated output, enhancing the overall dining experience.

The fundamental kitchen equipment like refrigerators, ranges and ovens are essential to almost any restaurant’s ability to function. By contrast, small appliances require a more strategic approach and practical consideration. Individual small appliances are not necessarily a fixture of every commercial kitchen and should be chosen according to your kitchen’s needs, scale and cuisine. For example, an expensive electric slicer may make great sense to a popular deli but it could be impractical for a small bakery. Quality build and long life are key characteristics of any appliance you should be considering but anything overly functional could mean wasted money. Finding the most cost-effective small appliance can be a time-consuming task but there are a few crucial pieces that can benefit the vast majority of commercial kitchens.

Food Processor

The importance of food processors for foodservice establishments of any size cannot be overstated. Arguably the most practical small kitchen appliance, food processors can handle the majority of food preparation tasks for many restaurant types. The automation of slicing, dicing, chopping and mixing ingredients saves considerable time and allows for maximized output. For many smaller restaurants, smaller batch bowl processors are sufficient while larger establishments can opt for a continuous feed processor that can manage larger quantities and heavy-duty jobs. Combination processors create a nice middle ground that combines continuous and batch bowl processors.


A full-service restaurant and bakery mainstay, a quality mixer can be the difference for your business’s success. The search for the right mixer should begin with understanding your restaurant’s scale and output requirements, which will help you determine the appropriate size and style. Bakeries use mixers for the majority of the day and should have an array of mixers that provide controlled high-speed mixing. While a multitude of mixing solutions may not be required for all restaurants, every kitchen can benefit from the versatile functionality of planetary mixers. These common stand mixers can be used for a variety of purposes like mixing dough and whisking the cream.

Ice Maker

Just about every restaurant kitchen has a place for a high output ice maker. Whether it’s ice for kid’s soft drinks or for crushing into a margarita, ice makers provide convenience for nearly every restaurant or bar. The constant ice production offers servers an onhand supply at all times.


The instantaneous heating of microwaves is a critical component of any restaurant serving up hot food but can be useful for most food service establishments. Of course, it should never replace a conventional oven for general cooking but it does help to reheat in a pinch or speed the process of common recipe steps like heating sauces or melting butter.

Regarding whether or not small appliances are necessary for a commercial kitchen, the answer is emphatical “most likely.” It primarily depends on your goals and preferences because small appliances essentially automate labor, making work that could be done slowly by hand much quicker, more consistent and at higher yields. The ROI is there, as an increase in productivity can mean a better customer experience and further success for your business.

There is an abundance of small appliances to make any kitchen more efficient. Along with the essentials listed, toaster ovens, deep fryers, sandwich presses and other specialty small appliances can offer significant value depending on the setting. At Texas Restaurant Supply, we offer a comprehensive catalog of small appliances both new and used, ensuring cost-efficient options for your kitchen’s needs. As a company dedicated to the success of our customers, we also buy used equipment so that you can trade-in and adapt your setup to meet the growing needs of your restaurant. Contact our team to learn more about the special deals on small appliances today.