Best Tips for Using a Charbroiler

A charbroiler is a game changer for a commercial kitchen. Restaurants proudly advertise their charbroiled menu items as a major differentiator for the quality of their food. The unique flavor they offer and the added aesthetic of the food preparation itself can add significant value to a restaurant’s brand.

While a charbroiler can be one of the most highly-valued pieces of cooking equipment for a restaurant, it can also be the most confusing and difficult to maintain. If you want to get the best use out of your charbroiler, follow these tips to ensure optimal performance.

Season the Grills

Like cast-iron cookware, seasoning your charbroiler’s grills is an essential task to ensure the best flavor and longevity. Grates need to be thoroughly washed and hand dried first. Never run grills through a dishwasher.

After cleaning, coat the grills with a layer of a high smoke-point oil, such as avocado oil or canola oil. Use a cloth to ensure a smooth, consistent and thin layer. Once the grills are oiled, bake the oil in by running them over a hot charbroiler for several minutes (the grills will start smoking).

Repeat this process after every cleaning. Doing so will create a non-stick grill surface that adds flavor while also reducing the possibility of rusting.

Clean the Charbroiler Daily

The grates should be scrubbed at least once a day with a wire brush to remove built up grease gunk and food debris, which can adversely affect the flavor and quality of the food you cook. Do not use high heat in a “burn off” method. It is time consuming, less effective and uses more energy than scrubbing.

Cleaning the burner box is equally important. Through its use, the box will fill up with ashes, hindering the heat flow and the overall cooking process. With ashes blocking heat, expect longer cooking times and uneven heating across the grills.

Max Out the Capacity

Charbroilers usually do not use thermostats to regulate heating so you can fill the entire grill without worrying about undercooked food or long cook times. In a commercial kitchen, taking advantage of the full grill can greatly increase productivity, turnaround time and ultimately customer satisfaction.

Manage the Grates

Keeping your grates clean and functional is one of the most important focus points when maintaining your charbroiler. Reduce their capacity for sticking by keeping them well-oiled for each use. Before applying food, preheating the grates can also help reduce food adhering to them.

Pay attention to how you use your grates. Again, you can max out the capacity, without overloading, so the way you position meats inside can allow some to cook quicker than others. If you need well-done burgers and rare steak, cook them at the same time by positioning the steak closer to the heating element for faster searing and the burgers further away for slower, even cooking.

Use draining features built into the charbroiler, if available. By being able to angle certain sections, you can ensure proper grease draining out.

Charbroilers can cook everything from meat to vegetables. However, you should have specific sections set for specific foods — one for vegetables, one for meat and one for seafood.

Maintain Proper Ventilation

Compared to ovens and stovetops, charbroilers expel large amounts of heat and smoke. To keep employees safe and equipment running properly, ensure that there is proper ventilation in the area to deal with the output.

Turn It Off When Not in Use

It seems like a no-brainer but, in a commercial setting, turning it off is one of the best tips for using a charbroiler. After hours or during prep times, keeping your charbroiler off not only makes less work for you but also saves on energy costs.

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