Betting On Cocktails For Brunch

Special Pairings Can Increase Sales

Beautiful Brunch Buffet

The family is all together this weekend and you are going to the best Brunch Restaurant in your neighborhood. As you are seated, the wait staff ask if you would like a glass of wine, or a cocktail before you dine? That’s not generally the phrase owners of breakfast-lunch eateries encourage the waitstaff to utter right. But it's all about shaking things up says Robert Maynard, cofounder and CEO of Famous Toastery. Champaigne Brunch with Mimosa's has always been a favorite around special Holidays, but in today's highly competitive marketplace, it's also all about building revenue.

Serving wine, beer, and spirits with the addition of a signature pairing menu for this summer brunch could boost alcohol sales some 35 percent. Who doesn't want that right? Famous Toastery isn’t the only concept reaping the benefits of an expanding beverage program. Boozy beverages—beyond the garden variety Bloody Mary and mimosa—are popping up on breakfast/lunch menus all across the country. Creativity is the heart of this new menu; and with items like peanut butter–and–banana–stuffed French toast and a tofu omelet with spinach, roasted red peppers, and artichokes quickly became house favorites. Drink innovation seemed the next logical step.

At its core, a fun alcohol menu is now expanding those offerings, brands and are reinventing what it means to be a restaurant specializing in earlier dayparts. The Toasted Yolk Cafe, with three units in the Houston market, a fourth opening soon, and it is their desire to franchise across the Texas Triangle (greater Houston, San Antonio, and Dallas). So far, guess what, it's working to turn the standard formula on its head.

“Country themes have always dominated the breakfast space,” says CEO Chris Milton. “Breakfast dining isn’t what it used to be; now it’s a destination meal. We’re seeing that people want breakfast to be a social gathering where they can come in for mimosas or perhaps a glass of wine and make the entire meal an experience. We’ve embraced that desire and offer a modern alternative to the traditional roosters on the wall.”

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Remember that today's consumers are more likely to embrace if the meal is called brunch rather than breakfast. Brunch says relaxed meals where guests and families take their time and enjoy every bite. It's so natural to add the cocktail or champaigne fountain, and speaks volumes of making the meal a real celebration of anything you may choose to offer. Who doesn't love a bottomless Bloody Mary or Mimose really, right?

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