Beer Dispenser 1 Keg Cap Black Vinyl Exterior

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Stainless steel cabinet constructionSB models have an attractive wear-resistant black vinyl exterior. Heavy gauge stainless steel countertop is perfect for sanitation and durability. Interior is stainless steel except galvanized steel top. Turbo Air Beer Dispenser model guarantees utmost in cleanliness and long product life. It also can add a touch of style to the most refined setting.

Forced air cooling systemFast cooling and balanced temperature throughout the cabinet.

High-density polyurethane insulationThe entire cabinet structure is foamed-in-place using high density, CFC free polyurethane insulation.

Comes standard with two-way tapper manifold

3 diameter stainless steel insulated beer towers

Side mount compressor unitWith compressors positioned on the side of the unit, our refrigerators can now be serviced without being moved. Our innovative, front breathing feature also allows this model to be highly efficient in narrow spaces.

Ergonomically designed doorsCustomers' fatigue fades away with easy grip handles and doors that open effortlessly. These features along with self-closing doors make this the ultimate choice in customer convenience.

Refrigerator holds 33°F ~ 38°F for the best in beverage preservation

- Anti-corrosion coated evaporator- Double faucet beer tower standard - Two-way tapper manifold standard - Door locks standard - Self-contained system - 4" dia. swivel casters standard

Optional accessories:- Triple faucet draft tower: 153A-3