47" Ice Cream Dipping Cabinet

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Locked-in temperature equal from top to bottomNew technology of the Cold Wall System eliminates temperature fluctuations throughout the top and bottom areas of the interior cabinet. No more melting ice cream above while freezing below. Scooping has never been easier.

LED lighting for interior canopyBrighter and longer lasting LED light bulbs produce less heat, saving energy while maximizing its display effect. Independent on/off light switch equipped.

5 years cleaning-free condenser1/5 condenser pin gaps and electrodeposition coating allow the condenser to stay clean and prevents it from becoming tarnished, further guaranteeing the durability of the condenser.

Efficient refrigeration systemTurbo Air's dipping cabinets are designed with oversized and balanced (CFC Free R-404A) refrigeration systems. These include efficient evaporators and condensers for faster freezing and greater efficiency.

Attractive contemporary design with curved glass front and top

Sturdy, clean stainless steel shelves

Manual defrost system

PE coated removable magnetic frost shieldsProvides fast and easy removal of accumulated frost on inside walls.

Standard plastic night covers for case opening

Maintains -10°F ~ 8°F for the best in frozen Ice cream preservation

These models are designed to operate in air conditioned environments where temperature and humidity are below 75°F and 55% relative humidity Place units away from direct sunlight, rapid air movement and extreme temperature changes White (W) and Lime (G) color exterior available 2.5" dia. casters abvailable (optional) Price tag holder available (optional)

Optional accessories:- 2.5" caster, ½" diameter & 13 TPI: 30265H0100 (non-brake), 30265H0200 (w/ brake)- Price tag holder w/ bracket: P0330D0300 (holder), P0306D1700 (bracket)