Buying Guide For Commercial Griddle

Are you thinking about buying a new commercial griddle for your kitchen? There are so many different types of griddles on the market right now, and deciding which one to buy can be a difficult decision. Here are a few tips to help you buy the right commercial griddle for your kitchen. 

What will you be using the griddle for? 

This may seem like an obvious question, but the answers may vary. You need to determine what you will be using your commercial griddle for, and what kind of food you will be cooking on it. There are different griddles designed for a variety of different kinds of food, so knowing what you need this griddle for will help you to determine which one you should buy. Do you intend on cooking just breakfast food on this griddle, or will you also be cooking lunch and dinner items as well? Will you be strictly cooking meat on the griddle, or will you stick to veggies? Knowing the answers to those simple questions will be helpful when shopping for a griddle. 

Where do you plan to put your new griddle? 

Do you have a designated place for your new griddle? And if so, how big is the space? This will also help you determine what kind of griddle to purchase. 

There are two basic types of griddles that you can purchase, depending on how much space you have. A countertop griddle is basically a large rectangle shape, and you can put it wherever you want. For this griddle, all you need is a decent amount of space and a flat countertop, and there must be an outlet nearby so you can plug in the griddle. 

A griddle/broiler is a whole different story. This is also called a "salamander" and it is a large piece of equipment that is commonly used for mass production cooking. Some salamanders also have ovens beneath the griddle/broiler part, which makes it even more useful. This type of griddle will only work if you have a large space in your kitchen where it will fit, so plan accordingly. 

What is the heat source in your restaurant? 

High output griddles, which are always used in restaurants for mass production cooking, run on gas. These griddles have a higher BTU rating, so your gas bill will definitely go up. While some people may see this as an inconvenience, the pros outweigh the cons. The only way you're going to succeed in a fast-paced restaurant is to have the heavy duty equipment you need/ This griddle will help you run a fast-paced kitchen and a successful business.  

Electric griddles are also an option. They typically have a standard output. Some restaurant owners use electric griddles to balance out there gas and electric bills. Electric griddles are very similar to gas ones and require the same safety precautions. 

Overall safety 

Safety is of utmost importance at any restaurant. When purchasing your new griddle, make sure you follow typical safety precautions. You will need to ensure that your griddle is placed in a safe area in your kitchen where it will not be hazardous to anyone. Griddles produce lots of grease, and those grease particles can travel in the air. This is why a commercial hood system is required for any type of commercial griddle. Gas-powered griddles have safety shutoffs and secure lines to ensure that they remain off after being used. Griddle manufacturers make "gas connection kits" which are meant to keep gas griddles very secure. If you do end up purchasing a gas griddle, you should check out that accessory, as it will help you with the overall safety of your griddle. 

Good luck finding the right griddle!

If you follow these tips, you will find the perfect griddle for your kitchen. Purchasing the right griddle is essential because it will help your kitchen staff do their best and it will also increase overall productivity. With the right griddle, your restaurant will thrive and no one will be waiting for food to be ready.