Consumer Trends For 2016

Restaurant News Reporter Bret Thorn* Chimes In

Dollarphotoclub 88921363A growing number of consumers are choosing to pursue and maintain more active lifestyles, both individually,  as familys, and as groups. The result, most are becoming  aware of sports nutrition’s emphasis on energy, hydration and protein just to name a few.

Translated in the global foodservice industry, this can be seen in the proliferation of high-protein items, including Arby’s Mega Meat Stacks  introduced last year, and Firehouse Subs’ Hearty and Flavorful line of lower calorie sandwiches that kept the same amount of meat as its standard sandwiches while using smaller buns, reduced-calorie cheese and spreads. Even McDonalds after 2 quarters of decreased revenues this year, has had to join the other mega franchises, by increasing options, and offering less fat, lower calorie items, and in their case offering breakfast sandwich options all day to garner lost marketshare.

It wasn't long after  Mintel pinpointed four broad consumer trends that will affect the United States in 2016, that the market research firm released a report on 16 global food and beverage trends for 2016. Mintel divided the trends into three categories — established, mainstream and emerging — and focused on how global food and beverage manufacturers can capitalize on changing consumer behaviors. Nation’s Restaurant News examined how these trends are affecting foodservice in the U.S., and it is a very interest read if you are wondering what's next for you in your market. Particularily in Houston proper, and Dallas.

Why is this important to you right now you may ask? Because if you hope to garner more marketshare, keep the customers you have now, and move into 2016 ahead of the curve; you must know what additional equipment you may need to keep up with what is going to be popular. This includes in what you are offering, how you notify your diners about it, and anticipating what they will respond to. Without the proper equipment to make it happen, you may find yourself out of touch and then out of business as a worst case scenario. That is where Texas Restaurant Equipment come into play. With our 35 plus year history in the Food Equipment, Food Service Industry, and Restaurant games, we have the skill, knowledge and ability to speak volumes into your business and contribute to your overall success. Brand recognition for all the right things is a must. Take a lesson from the playbook provided by Mintel, and Reportes like Bret Thorn who have the pulse on today's Food & Beverage Markets. It's never been a better time to make it so...

Watch For In 2016:

Craft products, convenience will be important factors next year

Technological advances are making life both easier and more fast-paced for Americans, who are trying to do more while seeking balance in their lives, according to Mintel.

In a new report, the research firm’s consumer trend consultants Stacy Glasgow and Jenny Zegler recently laid out what they see as the four key factors that will affect the United States market next year. Those trends include an interest in feeling more connected to what they’re buying, and wanting to feel better about the companies they’re buying from. Below, NRN outlines Mintels trends and provides restaurant applications for them. These 12 trends include things like not using artificial ingredients, making offers online and in email that appeal to the majority of consumers. Restaurant News cites each trend, and discusses pros and cons in the October issue of you are interested in reading more about this subject matter.

This article below also speaks to thoughts having read about the fast paced trends you will face as a restaurant Chef and owner here in America. A lot of trends began in Europe and after massivie success; are moving to the USA in a rapid manner. Here we go:

Upcoming Trends Include:

  • Trend #1 “Balance or Bust” Binging in watching all of a series episodes in one sitting from firewire TV series,  growing interest in unlimited access for set fees, annual subscriptions for multiple events;  are all things that can be characteristic of one thing but applied to foodservice. This extreme behavior manifests in limited time offers, featuring specific items; unlimited access for set fees, and purchase of special offers for up to one year are already out there in CKE Restaurants. These passes, which were made available sold out in 45 minutes. Termed 'Have It All Options' should be a more balanced approach in 2016, with a cooling off period in between offers. For example, while “bacon is all the rage, yet so are juice cleanses,” Mintel said in its report. Extreme behavior is becoming more commonplace as services and experiences proliferate according to these same reports, with offers for indulgences that aren't too indulgent like the Mini Frappuccinos at Starbucks...
  • Trend #2 “The Big Brand Theory” - “In the aftermath of the global financial crisis, consumers have exchanged the ‘bigger is better’ mantra for right-sized purchases and supporting small businesses,”
  • Reflected in the growth of farmers markets and web sites such as Etsy where consumers can buy handmade items from producers, consumers feel they know better how to create products that have a small business look and feel. Regardless of company size, genuine stories help form relationships which yield products a consumer can feel secure about and be loyal to by continuing to invest in.
  • This behavior when translated in food and beverage is like the proliferation of craft beer and spirits, and doesn't matter really about business size. It's about the product. Hence Niche is no longer a limitation, nor it it limited to small companies. A niche brand can be owned by a national brand without issue. The authenticity of the connection supersedes any lofty moral aspirations, and there is no longer a trend to ‘shop small'.
  • Trend #3 “Eye Get It” Eye Marketing is communication in images reaching new leves across the board. The use of Social Media proves this visual trend includes the growing popularity of emojis in communication. Don't be surprised if in addition you will see the launch of virtual reality systems, and brands that don't move forward may risk being left behind with any leverage of visual media. Domino's Pizza was the first online this past June with new text ordering capabilities that included emoji. Previously registered and regular customers had a simple emoji, (DPizza(374992), to use and that's it...Ease of use to our hurry up i want it now generation.

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*Bret Thorn is responsible for reporting on culinary trends in foodservice. After joining  Nation’s Restaurant News in 1999, his prior five years as a journalist in Thailand, were focused on writing about business and food stories. His columns in NRN won the 2006 Jesse H. Neal National Business Award. This article below was released this month for the coming 2016 and may provide some much needed balance coming in our restaurant industry as a whole. Mintel outlined a pretty extensive report that can be applied to foodservice.

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