Customize Drinks: Build You Own Ice Cube

Experiment With Your Holiday Signature Cocktails

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Drink Trends For 2017 are just around the corner. New cocktails with things like cavairs and nostalgic drinks like Box Cars will be receiving upgrades for 2017. You could be ahead of the curve by paying attention to new offerings for your dining patrons. Chefs and mixologists can help to drive in new customers, keep your regular patrons, and at the same time offer new and trendy drinks for the tasting. A special event designed to experiment with your signature cocktails. A makeover if you will.

Consider the flavor infused ice spheres with premium liquors. Innovation will be the taste word of the day. Cold stuff including ice is hot these days. Not only have ice shapes evolved, these new creative mixologists are infusing ice with all manner of flavors. Deconstructed cocktails with pairings of premium liquors by using ice and frozen spheres is only the beginning.

The flavor of the cocktail evolves as the ice melts. The original idea was “To create ice cubes and spheres with all of the nonalcoholic components of a signature cocktail that, when placed in liquor, gradually melt into the perfect mojito, a savory old fashioned or even a classic martini with a candied Meyer lemon twist,” explains bartender Amanda Swacker.

Lago by Julian Serrano, in Bellagio Las Vegas, the hotel's master mixologist Ricardo Murcia has designed Italian versions of classic cocktails with intricate garnishes, including edible cocktail spheres. The Sgroppino features a frozen sphere of prosecco, lemoncello, lemon sorbet and cocoa butter. The sphere rests atop a scoop of lemon sorbet that guests can stir into the prosecco after finishing the sphere.

These are just a couple of ideas for your extablishment of course, and the chill thrill is a totally trendy new ice age in bars. Cocktail ice, specials on eye openers like martinis for 25 cents are just a beginning for a bar Happy Hour option. Sno Cones with rotating flavors daily like strawberries and cream, apple pie and cream, ginger raspberry rhubard, and coconut waters made in house with tastes like pineapple syrup, fresh lime, thai birds eye chili and the like will be combos that define what your patrons enjoy the most.

If your establishment is presenting cutting-edge mixologists who are creating artisan-caliber ice, they will become a must-have drink component in the craft cocktail world. Think what they’ll do when they can use ice made of frozen spirits, not water, for drinks you will be serving on the rocks. Instead of becoming diluted, drinks will get stronger as cubes made of whiskey or vodka start to melt. If your customers like stiff drinks, now there’s a way to make them even stiffer.

Also consider the latest "The Beyond Zero Ice Maker", the device that freezes liquor and also wine. Announcements have been made that this companies new machines will be going into mass production via a partnership between Beyond Zero and foodservice equipment manufacturer Winston Industries; you can call us today and help you make is to for your latest offerings. The single-serve unit; a storage device that can house multiple flavors of cubes; and a fully automatic machine that makes, stores and dispenses liquor cubes. The result is high tech makes any cocktail colder, smoother and stronger, and enhances the flavor notes of both wine and spirits. Market that and take it to the bank.

Begin the cocktail tastings tests for your own bar offerings with special events coming into the Holiday Season. America's Holiday Menu items could stay traditional but seasonal cocktails from your chef or mixologist might set the tone for the rest of the year. New menu items that pair new and trending flavors in beverages both alcoholic and non alcoholic virgin drinks could totally revolutionize your lunch menu. Building business is using the latest tastes and trends, adapt them to fit your establishment and served in specialty glassware, on un-conventional dinner ware or serving plates that have never been seen before.

Texas Restaurant Equipment invites you to visit our various showrooms in Dallas, Houston, and Irving Texas and take a look at the upcoming items that fit the bill for your brand new drink offerings. Fountains, test tube cocktail tubes, cake plates filled with bowls of iced new flavor drinks a patron can dip into are the new thrill. TRE has all the compliments in smalls, beverages, glasses, expresso machines, and catering supplies that will truly inspire your dining and drinking patrons to keep returning again and again. Remember they always bring friends...