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Disruptive Tech Packaging Texas Restaurant EquipmentIf you are in the real world, sometimes you just want to pick pick up the phone for your favorite restaurant and order take out or delivery. Expectations also include it must taste the way it does while dining inside the restaurant. Right? TRE asks you as an owner or manager of your restaurant " Is this always the case with your restaurant?"

In the delivery world, are you aware that packaging may also matter and your selection of delivery containers must reflect your brand and maintain the same quality found for in house dining.  Of course the next question is how to make that happen right? Well, that's where Texas Restaurant Equipment comes in. Part of your 2017 Food & Dining Strategy must now include a precise plan of action on how to make take out and delivery more successful than it was last year. Another part of the plan is to help you with smallwares, take out containers, warmers, and any new product lines like The Melt which were designed with your plan in mind. Next question may be are there products out there that will facilitate catering delivery as well. Discussion button turned on...

The truth is, packaging like stryofoam containers are drawing increased attention and this year are becoming much more sophisticated. Products like The Melt shown above are fast becoming the norm to keep things like sandwiches hot and crispy, maintain the quality of the food, make transport safe and easy, and provide a product solution that keeps the end user still having a recyclable item for the trash.

Do you know your delivery and catering sales stats? Will you grow in 2017 for a larger share of restaurant sales? Is what you are doing right now generating profit after expenses?  Industry leaders in Food Service & Restaurants say the packaging has to reflect the brand, and must serve as an extension of the restaurant. The packaging chosen must pass the taste test, and requires that you frequently taste your own product you deliver to your patrons. Is it truly as good as it should be. There is no replacement for great food prepared well, and that tastes wonderful. When was the last time you delivered lunch to your manager or owner as take out or delivery. It needs to happen.

Products in commercial restaurant equipment like the Melt Smart Box make sure traditional and custom packaging products used for delivery have new needs met. Things like eco friendly products, hot fried foods that remain crispy or ooey gooey, and balance humidity heat and air circulation. Proper evaluation may lead to a conclusion that all products do not deliver well.  Regardless of whether your restaurant sends food to offices, events, or residential homes; it must meet your delivery standards, and live up to customer expectations.

PThe Melts Smart Box 2016 cackaging Delivery Considerations:

  • Functionality - The compostable packaging protects the products temperature & integrity
  • Restaurant Branding - Clear concise logo and designs impart your identification
  • Create Containers Needed - Delivery packaging that makes sure the food is how you want it upon delivery
  • Consistant Suppliers - Build strong, long term partnerships with your suppliers. Negotiate price on containers they fill easily and quickly with your brand intact

Take the new product called The Melt. It delivers its compostable containers in a “Smart Box.” Photo: The Melt “We want to ensure the best product experience for our guests in store, at the office or for any occasion,” Jonathan Kaplan, CEO of The Melt, said in a statement. “We just couldn’t find an existing catering delivery solution that could do the job, so we invented one ourselves.” The container has ridges to elevate the sandwich off the base and allow air to flow around the sandwich, preventing moisture from being trapped underneath, which would make the bread soggy. It also includes ventilation slots to allow moisture to escape. It's a whole new world out there in the delivery realm; and you don't want to get left behind and leave money on the table.

With new salad bar trays and cardboard container sleeves for foil items, your take out and delivery and catering can get to a whole new level. You must "own the delivery experience to reflect your food, brand and experience.  Call us today, speak with our qualified specialists in the commercial restaurant industry and find out what can put more money in the bank, and keep your customers calling for delivery and catering time and time again...

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