Guide On How To Sell Used Commercial Restaurant Equipment.

As a restaurant owner, you may need to sell your used equipment if you are closing your restaurant or if you are purchasing brand new equipment. Whatever the reason is, selling commercial restaurant equipment can be difficult. Even if your equipment is older, if it is in good condition, you will still want to sell it for a fair price. You will also need to find potential buyers. It can be a tricky process, but if performed the right way, you can still make a great profit on your used equipment

Here are some tips for selling your used commercial restaurant equipment. 

Go online 

Nowadays, your potential buyers will mostly likely be on the Internet, already looking for used equipment. If you post your equipment on sites like eBay and Craigslist, you will save yourself and your buyer some time. You can create a simple post with the name of your equipment, how old it is, and your contact information. It is also a good idea to include a few pictures along with your post, so potential buyers can see if your equipment is in good condition. This is the most popular way that restaurant owners find buyers for their equipment because it is very straightforward. 

Use social media 

If you have social media platforms for your restaurant, you should post about your equipment that is up for sale. Your followers will see the posts and will be able to share them so others can see them as well. Word spreads quickly through social media, so finding a buyer can be a pretty quick process with this method. 

Facebook also has a Marketplace section, where you can buy and sell used items just like you would on eBay and Craigslist. This Facebook feature has become very popular and many people are opting to use that over other sites. 

Contact regional restaurant associations 

Find out where your regional restaurant associations are and contact them. If there are offices close by, going in person is never a bad idea. If it's too far, a phone call will do. These associations are in contact with thousands of restaurants in your area and will know who is looking for used equipment. They will be able to give you some names and phone numbers of restaurant owners to call who will be interested in what you are selling. 

Post local ads 

Local newspaper and magazines are still valuable resources when it comes to buying and selling anything. Whether you choose to put an ad up in a print format or online, readers will see it. Posting ads is the "old fashioned" way of buying and selling used items, and while the Internet is taking over, some people prefer to go the old fashioned route. Make sure you utilize this method, as it could lead to a potential buyer. 

Reach out to local restaurants 

Reaching out to local restaurants is easy, convenient, and smart. Choose a few restaurants in your area and stop by each one. Speaking to another restaurant owner in-person will leave a good impression and will create a lasting connection. While the Internet is modern and fast, nothing will ever take the place of an in-person conversation. Meeting someone in person and having a casual conversation is never a bad idea. 

Bring a few of your business cards with you when visiting your local restaurants, so you can easily give someone your contact information if he is interested in what you are selling. Although this method might be a little slower, it is still very successful. Local restaurants are the right places to visit if you are used commercial equipment to sell. 

Good luck!

While selling used commercial restaurant equipment can be difficult, you are bound to find a buyer with these few tips. Good luck with your sales!