How to Find the Right Restaurant Supplier

There are many restaurants in Texas, and the goal of every food service provider is to find a restaurant supplier they can count on. At Texas Restaurant Supply in Grand Prairie, we know that having a reliable restaurant supplier that will make sure that your supplies are delivered on time while sticking to your budget are of the utmost importance.

Finding the right restaurant supplier will be easier if you know what to look for. Here are some guidelines on how to find the right supplier for your needs, based on industry expertise and professionalism. So grab a snack and let's start reading!

Why the Right Restaurant Supplier Matters

The supplier should be able to deliver products the way you need them. While there are many ways to decide how many orders you want to place, you need to consider your budget as well.

There are many ways to shop, including selecting individual units, their quantity, and whether they are ready-to-use. For those of you who are planning to order three units for the first time, you will need a supplier with experience and customer service.

Once you've decided on your purchase, you will need to make sure that they deliver the goods on time. Your order should be on its way within one to five days.

This is not a commitment to your supplier. Instead, this is their job to ensure that they fulfill all your orders within the time allotted.

What To Keep in Mind When Choosing a Supplier

Is the supplier reputable? Is there a good record of the company being in business?

There are many databases that can assist you when searching for a reputable restaurant supplier in your area. One such resource is the State Agriculture Association (theSA) which contains a large list of reputable food distributors in the United States.

Does the supplier you are looking to deal with have their licenses and certificates in order?

Many restaurants supply their own supplies and bring their own employees into the kitchen, which often makes it difficult to know if they are complying with federal and state laws. It is important that the restaurant you are looking to deal with has the appropriate licenses and documentation to assure you that their products are safe and compliant.

Find Out What Type of Restaurant Supplier You Need

If you don't know what type of restaurant supplier you need, you can usually find out through asking your best suppliers who they use.

The good news is, you can also ask many restaurants for recommendations. They'll usually be able to give you the best sources for your specific restaurant.

Whether you need to fill your restaurant up with the right equipment, add to the decor or just need food supplies, you need to make sure your supplier can handle what it is you need.

Types of Restaurants and Their Respective Suppliers

Restaurant suppliers are distributed across the spectrum of the restaurant market, so it's important to determine what type of restaurant you are supplying. Depending on the type of food being prepared at your restaurant, you need a restaurant supplier that can provide a wide range of supplies and services.

Food delivery, pre-packaged meals, and full service restaurants are different in terms of their kinds of supplies.

Business Levels

For example, businesses of different sizes are buying different types of supplies, such as meals, raw food, and more. When choosing a restaurant supplier, it's important to know if you are buying to supply a small business, or for a mid-sized restaurant.

Fast-food chains

Fast food chains need very specific supplies and they will probably need quite a bit of supply. Check to make sure your supplier can actually handle large or unusual orders.

Make sure your supplier can get your items delivered fast, especially if you happen to run out of something you didn’t expect to.

For example, your restaurant, for some reason, needs ten pounds of diced tomatoes every week to prepare their famous fries. Or maybe you need 10.5 gallons of lemon juice every three months. These examples are considered very specialized products.

Casual restaurants

To work with restaurants that specialize in casual cuisine, restaurant supply companies have to match the types of food service you offer and your customers. This may include certain cutlery or napkins.

This will require more resources and effort, but if your business is focused on leisure, it is probably best to go with a supplier that provides things like fresh linen for the tables and other items.

Long menus or menu choices

The real question is, do you really need to deal with the endless options in a busy kitchen? A restaurant supply company can help you get this part of the process right because this is the part where they will manage your inventory and stock if you need it so you don't waste time or money on shortages.

Fine dining

The same goes for fine dining. Highly specialized utensils, commercial ovens, wine holders and high quality glasses and dishware need to be available when you need them.

The job of a restaurant supplier is to ensure that the restaurant will have the supplies they need, so if a restaurant wants to stay with their suppliers, they have to guarantee that the products and services delivered are of the highest quality and that the restaurant won't be disappointed when they receive the supplies.

Determine if the provider has the certification to confirm that their products are of high quality. Also, confirm that the supplier is the actual supplier to the restaurants it serves.

You should check if the supplier's company is certified by the Restaurant Association of America.

Top Factors To Consider When Choosing a Restaurant Supplier

Lack of Communication and Consistency

After reaching out to different restaurant suppliers, it's clear that communication and consistency play a huge role in our restaurant supplies business.

Depending on the type of supplier you select, you should expect to go through periods of undelivered products, deliveries that are late, and occasionally missed deadlines or delays.

But, your supplier needs to communicate quickly if there will be a problem. You should not have to keep calling to see if something has come in or not!

Is your current supplier one step behind schedule? Then you should have already heard  from your customer service rep.

A delay of a day or two could put our plans off track and result in a loss of revenue.

Industry Expertise

We are a local restaurant supplier, which means that we know the businesses you've tried to supply your restaurant. We're familiar with these businesses, so we will give you an honest review of these businesses.

You should look for suppliers that can offer you comprehensive product selection and exceptional customer service. You should be able to trust that your supplies will be delivered at the right time and that they are of the highest quality.

We know that you have a tight budget and that you are willing to make compromises to save money on your restaurant supplies. We strive to deliver the best equipment and restaurant supplies for restaurants at the best prices, in addition to the highest level of customer service.


From food quality and reliability to product selection and even packaging, professional restaurant suppliers make sure that your deliveries and purchases meet your needs. So find out more about the suppliers, and pay attention to their reviews.

This will be the ultimate advantage in finding a supplier that will stand by you!


When purchasing from a supplier, do you look for the lowest price or the best quality product? If the answer is neither, then you might want to think about the restaurant supplier you're considering.

The quality of the product is always a crucial factor in selecting a supplier, and it doesn't matter if you're buying ready-to-serve products or any other item from their inventory, like utensils or tableware, so make sure you check everything before you buy.

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