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Launch Hot New Menu Items With A Party

flamingknifeAre you a service based restaurant? Times being what they are then mean that the economy may have forced your hand to change the rules. Now is the time to cut costs, generate revenue and increase your customer base. Seem impossible? Texas Restaurant Equipment has a great idea.

We believe it is time to begin something new. Creation of hot new food for your customers to enjoy may be a great place to start. Sounds easy but with old outdated and less energy efficient equipment you may think it's not possible. But, everyone here at Texas Restaurant Equipment says: 

Let's think out side the box on this one

Examine current menu staples your customers already love. Create a wish list of customer requests for new menu items, and things you know will sell. Keep, sell or update the equipment to prepare the staples, then consider purchasing new or used equipment to prepare your new menu items. Remember Texas Restaurant Equipment can sell your old equipment. That means revenue from those sales can help you with your new updates right! Get your new menu items to the table, then  let's have a party and let everyone know about it... Need help with the transition? Our qualified staff is only a phone call away from more money in the back.

Trending across the nation right now are parties; all kinds of parties. Events, cocktails, tastings, competitions, giveaways, and special customer attention grabbers. It is a very simple way to increase immediate sales, and invite new customers, while  at the same time still catering to your faithful dining patrons. In your marketing you can invite both regular and new dining guests to come to your latest tasting, event or special party! A party to introduce the launch of your new breakfast, lunch or dinner items. Not to mention perhaps a Happy Hour Cocktail Party with a pairing of the latest with your new house wines or craft beers. Maybe a bold option with music, tasting and special bar service and dessert to your immediate community to finish things off.

As early as 2010, some Fast Food servers like Burger King, Arby’s and McDonalds have all tried to introduce premium items from sandwiches to tasty breakfast options. Phrases like new wholesome, nutritious, and giveaways for the asking when releasing the latest and greatest. Things like wraps, sandwiches on ciabiatta, and untraditional hors d’oeuvres all served up in unusual containers. Some companies went all out and invited clientele to Culinary Education facilities and local cooking schools to engender awesome new tasty delights for the palette. Many had music, bands, or celebrity entertainers to tout the delicious new items on the menu.

Suggestions for Additions to Your Parties:

  • Music
  • Beautiful Creative Food
  • 3rd Party Celebrity guests
  • Cooking School Tastings & Endorsements
  • Tables with foods available for the taste testing
  • Invite community media
  • Schedule a Community event
  • Cocktail Parties with huge buffet tables
  • Invite Food Industry professionals for demonstrations
  • Food & Beverage Managers from area hotels and convention facilities

Creative management and interaction with crowds means the creation of new dining experiences for your customers. Keeping it traditional for your favorite menu staples, means you are free to experiment and enhance your menu items seasonally or maybe even introduce new items several times per month. Wine tastings, wine and cheese parties, and even special dinner service for families and couples may really help market your latest hot food items menu. Making them memorable to your new diners and regular customers alike is a great goal.

Remember quality food & beautiful presentation are always critical to enjoyment by diners, and the largest contributor to your top line revenue. Let your customers decide what they would like to have on a regular basis. Rotation of the best loved test items can also be an option, then promotions, sales, and proper marketing to everyone gets them into your restaurant to enjoy the things they love. It doesn't get any better than that.

With a new approach outside the box designed to increase sales, let’s talk about restaurant equipment you need to make it happen. Texas Restaurant Equipment is here to help with that. We carry New & Used Restaurant Equipment, we have Multiple Online Auctions, and an exceptional staff who can assist you with just about anything you may need. 

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