Know The Basic Difference Between Top vs Bottom Mount Refrigeration

Cooking appliances and tools come in so many different designs and configurations, one can easily get distracted and lost. Even something so simple as the refrigerator gets its own varieties to appeal to as many different tastes as the dishes that come from them. Commercial refrigeration and freezing options bring forth even more questions, with full freezers, walk-in coolers and traditional refrigerators with attached freezers making appearances as options.

These traditional refrigerators still have their place in a commercial kitchen to store the basic necessities close at hand. Sure, you can store most ingredients in a walk-in cooler, but making a thousand trips to the cooler in one night gets tiresome. 

Traditional refrigerators come in two basic varieties: top and bottom mount. These refer to the position taken by the smaller freezer portion of the appliance. To help you make a better assessment when choosing your next refrigerator, this article gives a basic rundown of each design. 

Top Mount Refrigerators

Top mount refrigerators probably come to mind whenever you think of a standard refrigerator appliance. They feature a smaller freezer compartment set atop the larger refrigeration section. Combining the freezer and refrigerator into one appliance, you can find top mount refrigerators in tons of residential and commercial spaces. 

In general, top mount refrigerators usually feature a larger storage space compared to other models. They often range in size from 30 to 33 inches wide, although larger and smaller variants exist as well. Since top mount refrigerators are more popular than their bottom mount cousins, you can often find more varieties in this design. This means that you can find a refrigerator unit to fit your needs a little bit more precisely. You can select a freestanding model to move around the kitchen as you need to. Or you can build the refrigerator directly into the design of your counters and table tops.

Since the freezer sits on top of the refrigerator, it makes it easier to check the freezer without bending over. While you can still access the refrigerator with ease, it just makes it a little bit easier to grab something frozen instead of something refrigerated. Still, top mount refrigerators often cost less than other models, meaning you can put the money you save somewhere else. 

Bottom Mount Refrigerators

Bottom mount refrigerators have the freezer situated at the bottom of the appliance, with the fresh food section sitting above it. This design makes it much easier to reach refrigerated ingredients, since you do not have to bend down to access any of them. In a busy kitchen that uses tons of fresh ingredients, this little benefit might just go a long way. The freezer is always smaller than the refrigerator portion, and it extends outwards so you can sort through it easier. These refrigerators often come with two refrigerator doors, while top mount units usually only have one.

These refrigerators also come with plenty of variety. You can select a freestanding unit or build the kitchen with the refrigerator in mind. Bottom mount refrigerators often cost a little bit more than top mount refrigerators. However, the ease of access to the fresh food compartment pays off by keeping your staff from having to bend down to reach fresh ingredients. 

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