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The Lincoln 1116-000-U Impinger® II conveyer oven uses air impingement technology, which includes both radiant heat and hot, pressurized air to cook, bake, and crisp food rapidly. It operates at temperatures from 250 to 575 degrees Fahrenheit, and the cook time can range from 1 to 30 minutes. Because of the digital controls, operators can adjust the bake time and conveyer speed. To prevent unauthorized changes, the controls can be locked, while the customer-specific setup adds flexibility to the menu.

On the fluorescent display, the temperature, thermostat, belt speed, and diagnostic messages are shown, so the operator can monitor all functions of the Lincoln 1116-000-U impinger oven. The front-loading access door makes it convenient to load product into the oven, while the handle stays cool to protect users from burns.

Product Details

  • Part of the Impinger II series
  • Air impingement technology uses radiant heating and pressurized hot air to bake food quickly
  • Temperature range: 250-575 degrees F
  • 28-in. baking chamber with an 18-in.-wide conveyor belt
  • Front-loading glass access door provides plenty of space to place product on the conveyer
  • Door handle stays cool to the touch to reduce the risk of burns
  • Removable door design streamlines cleaning process
  • Product stop prevents product from falling off the conveyer
  • Conveyer is reversible to fit into different layouts
  • Can be stacked with 2 other units to maximize available space