Manual Vs. Electric Meat Grinder: Which is The Best For Commercial Kitchen: Explained

When it comes to the best meat grinder for commercial kitchens, there are a few primary considerations. Many people think you can use a manual or electric unit, which is different. Manual vs. electric is a considerable debate, and you must understand the differences to decide which is best for your needs.

A commercial meat grinder can produce high-quality ground meats quickly and efficiently. 

Do you ever wonder what the difference between manual and electric meat grinders is? In this article, we're going to discuss the main differences between two types of meat grinders: manual and electric.

Regarding commercial kitchen equipment, a meat grinder is one of the essential pieces. You'll need to decide between a manual or electric grinder, which has pros and cons. Manual grinders are usually cheaper and easier to maintain, but they require a lot of effort and time to grind the meat. On the other hand, electric grinders are more efficient and help save time, but they are often more expensive and require more maintenance. 

What is a Manual Meat Grinder?

It uses a series of interlocking blades that slice up the meat and push it through a coarse grid to create a ground product. Manual meat grinders are generally made of stainless steel, though they may also be made of other materials like plastic. Manual meat grinders can be either hand-cranked or foot-operated. They come in various sizes, some being small enough to fit on a kitchen countertop and others large enough to grind several pounds of meat at once. Manual grinders can also be single or double-sided.

Pros of Manual Meat Grinders

  • Manual meat grinders are quiet, easy to use, and affordable. 
  • The simplicity of manual grinders makes them an excellent choice for those new to making homemade sausages or burgers. 
  • Another plus for manual grinders is that they take up less space than electric grinders. 

Cons of Manual Meat Grinders

  • The biggest drawback of manual meat grinders is their limited capacity. 
  • Another potential issue with manual grinders is that if you're grinding very hot meats, you may need to let them cool down before grinding. Otherwise, you run the risk of overheating the grinder.
  • Maintaining consistency with a manual grinder is difficult. To do this, you must turn the handle at the same speed each time.

What is an Electric Meat Grinder?

An electric meat grinder is a device that lets you grind meat, often with the help of a food processor. These grinders can handle both small and large amounts of meat. Many electric grinders come with multiple settings that allow you to control the texture of the ground meat. Grinders made with stainless steel are more durable and will last longer than electric grinders with a plastic blades. However, they can be beneficial in commercial applications, like restaurants. 

Pros of Electric Meat Grinders

  • Electric meat grinders are more likely to come with additional features than manual grinders. These can include a slicing attachment, a sausage stuffing attachment, and grinding speed control.
  • Some electric grinders even have reverse switches that help prevent clogging. 
  • Electric units are significantly more efficient than manual units due to their increased power.
  • Since the grinders are powered, they get less hot when grinding meat. 

Cons of Electric Meat Grinders

  • Electric grinders are generally more expensive. They are also more challenging to clean than manual grinders, as you'll have to take them apart to clean them properly.
  • Electric grinders can be heavier and need two people to move them safely.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Between Manual and Electric Meat Grinders

  • Capacity
  • Speed
  • Noise Level
  • Cleaning

The bottom line is that manual and electric meat grinders have perks and drawbacks. Manual grinders are more affordable, but they're also slower. Electric meat grinders are more expensive but make work easy with their power, versatility, and accuracy. Ultimately, only you can decide which type of grinder fits your needs better.