moffat170logoMain Auction Services, Inc., buys and sells the latest food service and restaurant equipment by the world's leading manufacturers such as Moffat. Moffat is an Ali Group company and renowned as one of the world's two largest group in the industry. Moffat is not just about the products we offer – we provide a range of added value services across the world to meet the changing competitive markets with our dedication to working with our clients and their needs.

Read about our heritage and the highlights of our journey to become one of the leading suppliers in convection oven for the catering industry. You can find out where we operate, our partnership and sponsors within the industry, and updates on our recent news and events in this section. Moffat products have been distributed and sold in the US and Canada since the mid 1980's.

Moffat Inc. North American headquarters is based out at Champion Industries, North Carolina, with National coverage providing local representation, distribution, sales and service support.

Moffat in North America is positioned as a specialist in convection ovens and proofer holding cabinets, with this product range being our sole focus. Our ability to offer a unique product with distinct features / benefits and a personal level of service to our customers makes us a flexible and responsive partner to work with.

Moffat has a long list of products that serve the Food Handling Industry:

  • Baking
  • Combi Steamer Ovens
  • Combi-Steamer Ovens
  • Convection Ovens
  • Cooking
  • Proofer & Holding Cabinets
  • And Much More!

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