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Texas Restaurant Equipment buys and sells the latest food service and restaurant equipment by the world's leading manufacturers such as NoTrax. APEX™ Food Service Products As part of the rebranding process Superior Manufacturing is undergoing, we are pleased to announce that Apex Food Service Products will now be known as Notrax - Mats for Professional Use. This is an exciting time for Notrax as the rebranding efforts build on many improvements we have made to our business. We believe that by marketing our services under one powerful brand with a long history of success we will have even greater marketplace impact. As a result we will be able to provide even more value to our customers.

Superior Manufacturing Group was established in Chicago, Illinois in 1948, as a pioneer in the manufacturing of high quality, performance floor matting. Superior began as a modest manufacturing and repair shop for rubber entrance matting under the guidance of its founder, Charles Wood. Today, Superior has grown into one of the largest integrated manufacturers of floor matting products in the world. Superior is now owned and operated by Checkers Industrial Safety Products who are also dedicated to quality products, customer service and sales support.

Superior’s floor matting brands, NoTrax®, Akro™, APEX™, and HomeTrax Designs™, can be found in a wide variety of markets for industrial, commercial, food service, and home applications.

NoTrax provides a variety of products that serve the Food Service Industry:

  • Hose Rack - Heavy-duty rack for storage of hot water hoses.
  • Hot Water Hose - Rubber hose designed to withstand hot water temperatures for kitchen and mat washdown.
  • Mat Utility Cart - Heavy-duty easy to assemble steel cart holds 44 gallon container or rubber mats for washdown.
  • Multi-Mat II® Rack - Point-of-purchase rack that holds two 32' rolls of Multi Mat II® matting.
  • Nozzles - Insulated nozzles for use with hot water hoses in foodservice washdown applications.
  • Rak-A-Mat - Heavy-duty steel rack holds up to 500 lbs. of matting for washdown.
  • T44 Vertical Display Rack - Point-of-purchase free-standing

One of the things that sets us apart is that we manufacture our own products in ISO certified facilities and offer global distribution capabilities with distribution centers throughout the United States and in Europe. The experience and knowledge gained from manufacturing these products on-site allows us to better adapt to market demands and provide flexibility and quick response to ever-changing customer requirements. In addition, helping us to compete in today’s global market, we have quality manufacturing partners overseas as well.

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