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Trending Glassware Texas Restaurant SupplySmalls are usually considered as necessities. Glassware is a must, if you have a bar or serve wine and drinks it may be entirely another matter. Glassware absolutely will provide a unique and very personal experience for all tabletop presentation. Every dining patron will experience the ambiance you set for them.  While dinnerware is also important, food still must take precedence. Equally vital to the overall dining experience will be the beverage. This beverage contained within your glassware has a 2 fold approach. It must compliment the table setting, and be filled with a beverage that will compliment the meal. Catering to your clientele has never been as important as it is now. Know your clientle, and find out what they love. Then buy accordingly. It doesn't hurt to purchase exotic looks either. Trendy is always in, and setting the standard for your area might be an option to consider as well.

In the last few years, smallwares have become a staple here at Texas Restaurant Supply. Since every restaurant must have some type of containment for beverages, 2016 may be an important time to consider a change. Commercial foodservice operations have finally aligned with beverage trends. This totally new concept is able to enhance the flavor, aroma and presentation of the drinks you serve to each of your dining patrons. With the increasing popularity of craft beers and craft spirits, you now have the ability to purchase appropriate glassware for the task at hand.  Beverage specific glassware designs allows these items to maximize the flavor and aroma of wine and liquor.  Education on your part for the new and  trendy glassware, and barwares means you have awesome options for new purchases that will enhance your restaurant dining experience.

Texas Restaurant Supply has auctions with smallwares, barware, and glassware weekly to meet this demand head on. Trending and trading out glassware on a whim is now an option. Variety can enhance seasonal dinner service as well. Believe us, your clientel will notice. It's like cooking an apple pie in the oven. The smell is so wonderful it makes you smile. But will you remember it after the meal? Maybe, maybe not, either way it was pleasant for sure and that's what matters right? Of course the food must be delicious so patrons return and bring new friends.

Additional notable trends in commercial glassware includ beautiful modern looks for classic rocks and highball glasses. Rocks glasses now feature much shorter designs with wider openings and newly designed highball glasses are taller with narrower openings. Cater to your younger diners with shooters like the picture above will assure at least one more visit. Drink menue changes in trendy glassware means excitement. A few classic standards in food, dinnerware, and glassware is still fine, but trends when featured mean the perception of your restaurant reputation is trending up all the time... It is all about perception Right?.

Lets take a look at the main types of glassware in the foodservice marketplace:

  • Tumblers — juice, highball, rocks, beverage, shots and shooters
  • Stemware — wine, goblet, martini, margarita, coupe, flute
  • Beer glasses — pilsners, pub glasses, tulip stems, Belgian, steins and mugs
  • Other — coffee mugs, plates and bowls, carafes, decanters, pitchers, votives, storage, shooters tubes and the like

Each glass type will offer a range of capacities. A standard stacking mixing glass could be offered in sizes that range from 14 to 22 ounces, depending on the service. Glassware sizes could also vary depending on the style of the line. The normal standard for most beverage glasses comes with 10- and 12-ounce capacities, while stemware can range from 10 to 22 ounces. Customary Beer glasses for light lagers and domestic beer may also be served in 12- to 23-ounce pilsner glasses;  while the latest craft beers with a higher alcohol content are served in smaller glasses keeping over serving as the top priority.

Appropriate glassware use may be determined by the type type of beverage, lunch or dinner service you have on a regular basis; but simply might be just for style. Pairing the right glass with the right drink size may depend on a more formal setting; but it can also be an impeccable rule of thumb for the right glass for the right drink size that will influence how beer wine and spirits are perceived. The senses of your dining patrons can also determine the appropriate glass for the dining service you provide. It’s important to pair the right glass with the right drink since the size as well; and to shape and influence how beer, wine and spirits are perceived by the senses of your dining patrons. Making sure to enhance the aromas and flavors of the beverage is critical to the overall ambiance of the dining experience. In addition, just remember that the right glass or trending glassware can elevate presentation and perceived value, enabling restaurant operators to charge a premium for any given beverage. It's just not that expensive anymore to change out often.

Durability is now for the fast casual, buffet, cafe or bar area. A durable product that highlights a vintage, crystalline glass is considered a modern age lead crystal. There is a new types of material  composed of a mixture of silica sand, soda, potassium and lime. Melted at high temperatures, these metallic oxides add to the glassware’s clarity and enhance the perception of the beverage design and colors. Enhancement of flavor and aroma for cocktails is also a great idea, as most new types of glassware could feature focus on craft beer and brown spirits like IPAs, ales and lagers.

Were you aware that  craft cocktails and more traditional drinks from the 50's to the 90's are now being mixed and served with a twist. Small batch whiskeys, bourbons, scotches, and flavored mixers and cordials are treated with respect. Things like jello shots, and boilermaker style options are extremely popular with the young crowds. These new drinks can be served like Manhattans, martinis or an Old Fashioned to be set apart from standards of the past. Coupe champagne glasses with short rounded stems and lines may now have textured finishes. The sky is the limit here.

By catering to Millennials, marketing research confirms as they dine out more often, they will be  looking for affordability, love tapas and small tasty creative morsals of all types as appetizers and meals. These batch type servings in many cases may be the wave of the future. Tableside options for small batch cocktails, beer, and sangria options are paired with similar type tapas. These types of products and beverage service can be exciting and vary from week to week. Why not have glassware to match these concepts as well?

If you are hoping to make some changes that will enhance profit margins, call Texas Restaurant Supply today and let us discuss some new ideas with you. Putting your best dining experience forward is always a great idea. Remember we have almost 40 years in this industry. Why not take advantage of that for your bottom line. We help the best of the best daily in every restaurant equipment auctions we have. Used restaurant equipment and new restaurant equipment are a requirement for success in the foodservice industry. You matter as our client. Making sure you have quality products for your quality services is why we are in business.

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