Reasons To Install a Used Commercial Refridgerator From Texas Restaurant Supply

When you’re opening your restaurant, you’re going to need a fridge. A fridge keeps food fresh for customer enjoyment, and having a decent fridge can be the difference between delicious treats that delight customers and flabby food that customers pick at.

So you need to contact a restaurant supply store like Texas Restaurant Supply to see their restaurant equipment for sale. While new refrigerators are lovely, used ones are cheaper and can work just as well as new ones, saving you a pretty penny you can use for something else when starting.

The Benefits of Commercial Refrigeration

You might wonder why you need a commercial refrigerator rather than a residential one. After all, aren’t they all refrigerators? No, residential refrigerators simply can’t stand up to commercial refrigerators regarding performance.

Larger Compressors

Commercial refrigerators are twice the size of residential units, meaning it keeps ingredients cold and fresh, even if they’re constantly opened and closed. Compressors are the beating heart of cooling systems and circulate air around the fridge.

Improved Durability

Commercial refrigerators have improved durability compared to residential models. After years of opening and closing doors dozens, even hundreds of times a day, commercial refrigerators will still be going strong. After all, restaurants make many more meals than even the most prominent families.

Designed for Commercial Use

Commercial refrigerators are designed differently than residential units, as the items likely to be stored in them are many of the same ingredients, rather than many different things like in residential fridges.

They are also easier to clean and perform maintenance on than residential refrigerators, making them all-around suited for commercial use.

Energy Efficiency

Commercial refrigerators are far more efficient and consume less energy than residential refrigerators, as long as you’re willing to put in the initial investment on them.

These savings build over time and can snowball into a much more significant amount than the fridge cost.

The Benefits of a Used Commercial Refrigerator

Nevertheless, dropping so much money on one piece of equipment in the kitchen can be extremely daunting. However, there are ways to offset this cost and still get a commercial freezer that can save you time and money for years.

Buying a commercial fridge can net you savings while being as efficient as new models. 59% of restaurants close in the first three years, and that’s a lot of reasonably new refrigerators sold to vendors, who pass the savings on to you.

Saving Money

The most significant advantage of buying a used commercial refrigerator is saving money. And you can put the money saved by purchasing forward to something else in your restaurant, like marketing, training employees, better ingredients, and more.

No Depreciation

As soon as new fridges are hooked up on your lot, they drop hundreds of dollars in value. That’s because they are now technically used. But buying a used fridge means it maintains its value if you plan to resell it.


Buying used rather than new means reusing an old piece of equipment that otherwise would have been thrown away. That means there’s less trash in the world, and you’re helping the environment by reusing equipment and energy efficiency.

It Works Just As Well As the New

Most used commercial refrigerators from restaurant supply stores are perfectly operational, and many have barely been touched. Consumers might have rejected them because of a dent or other superficial issue, but they still work perfectly fine.

By buying used, you’re not getting a worse fridge. You’re getting a fridge marked or otherwise depreciated, then getting those savings while still getting a new fridge.

The Right Refrigerator for You

When getting your commercial refrigerator for a restaurant, you should first consider your needs, then research a fridge that fits them. There’s not as much variety with used fridges as with new ones, but you should be able to find one that suits you.

The second most important aspect of buying a commercial refrigerator is to stay up to date on maintenance and repairs. Such menial tasks that are easy to brush off can be the difference between having your fridge for five years or ten years.

Picking out the perfect refrigerator at a restaurant equipment supply store isn’t easy, especially for restaurants, but buying used can save you time and money while still netting you a great fridge.