Restaurant Supply Store: What You Need To Buy For Your Restaurant

Restaurant owners, come one, come all! With Texas Restaurant Supply in Dallas, TX, you can trust that your bar, hotel, restaurant, catering business, and other related industries can come and leave, fully equipped with everything you’ll need!


It can be exciting to start a new business but also overwhelming. So much to think about, so much to buy! Come here, and we’ll get you all settled to make your new eatery a big-time success.

Who Are We?

At Texas Restaurant Supply in Dallas, TX, we are open Monday through Friday from 10 am-6 pm and Saturdays from 10-3. Potential buyers are urged to stop by to view the collection to help supply their store; we have everything you’ll need.


With locations in Irving, Grand Prairie, and Arlington, come out to see or feel free to order; we ship worldwide! We will appropriately package equipment to ensure it makes its way to your door easily and without incident.


With our continuously updating online catalog, you’ll be able to scope out what we have and make those orders.


Whether you’re just starting and need everything, or a food service veteran looking to add, replace, or refresh, you’ll be able to find all your supplies and more with us. Read on to see what we have to offer!

Trust Us, We Know Quality!

Texas Restaurant Supply in Dallas, TX, has operated for more than 35 years to bring quality products that keep your businesses booming. Our stern belief is in quality, and we deliver it through new and used products, whether they be kitchen supplies or furniture and decor.


We shop and stock from over 100 trusted brands, so you can search through to find the compatibility you need.


Quality doesn’t have to break the bank. As you’ll see down below, we love buying and reselling used kitchen appliances. So whether you hope to buy a used appliance or are interested in selling one, we’re here to help.


If a brand new appliance isn’t in the cards, you can find a cheaper one with the pre-owned collection. There is everything, from refrigerators to mixers and more. Alternatively, you can also sell your used machines to us if you’re looking for an upgrade to replace them!


Equipment is always properly evaluated; we’ll never buy something unfit to sell. Just give us a call if you want to chat, and we can talk through everything you need.


Texas Restaurant Supply in Dallas, TX, also offers restaurant liquidation among our services. Call ahead to talk with one of our specialists to find a deal that works for you.

What We Offer

Texas Restaurant Supply can equip restaurant, club, and bar owners with eight types of restaurant equipment, 19 refrigeration appliances, seven categories of kitchen supplies, and four different models of sinks and faucets.


We’re going to break down everything we have for you down below! But remember that our inventory constantly updates, so while better things might come in every day, some of those favorite products might be gone by the next time you look!

Restaurant Equipment

Among many more options, we are proud to offer warming equipment, stock pot burners, griddles, fryers, and burners. Our griddles come in different sizes to accommodate your crowds, and our broilers are equally accessible.

Refrigeration Appliances

Save space with our undercounter freezers and refrigerators to keep your ingredients at hand’s reach and out of the way simultaneously. Keep beers cold with our keg coolers and easily dispense them with our beer dispensers.

Kitchen Supplies

Fill your kitchen with tabletop supplies like a tortilla press, cast iron skillet, and more. Our equipment stands to keep all of your valuable tools together in one place, so you’ll never scramble to find them ever again.

Sinks and Faucets

Keep things tidy in your kitchen with our mop sinks and three-step sinks. Utilize more of your space with our convenient overhead shelves, so you can store and put away without running all over the place.


Texas Restaurant Supply

Trust in us to help equip your food service business with the quality and tools you need for success! Trust us with your older appliances in an equal exchange to help fund your newer ones. Enjoy the quality by calling today!