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Keeping Your Floors Both Safe & Clean


Foodservice is often considered a location primed for injury. Hazards appear everywhere of their own accord. Grease on floors, food and drink spills, heavy foot traffic across door entry areas and in and out of kitchen floors all day long. It's like an accident waiting to happen. All to often the cleaning tools and equipment that kitchens use on a regular basis make matters worse. Instead of removing grease and slip hazards, they just cause it to build up.

All restaurants, cafes, institutions, schools, etc. must have ongoing cleaning. Especially with respect to flooring. Commercial kitchen cleaning and cleaning the floors needs the most attention. While we addressed overall general cleaning in the additional article here, flooring is of particular interest. Floor safety and keeping floors clean is the most challenging daily task.

Proper evaluation of which areas have the most accidents, spills, and grease during the day is required. This focus teaches a restaurant owner where to install safety matting systems, so spills seep below mats surfaces and can be cleaned at a more convenient time. With no standing water or liquids, the areas contribute to slip prevention and falls. Then at the end of the shift, these mats can be removed and cleaned. Before reinstallation comes the bigger challenge. Proper removal of boxes, food particles, seasoning. fryer residue, flour sugar and the like are step 1. Step 2 is the actual cleaning of the floor.

Many commercial kitchen floors use mops with powerful degreasers. Slow and unhealthy for the cleaning workers, this process becomes less and less effective over time. Unless clean mops are used daily, these bacteria gatherers become a source of spreading grease and debris. It just doesn't make sense anymore to continue. Alternative solutions by cleaning professionals like cleaning dispense and vac systems, power hot water washers, brushes to clean hard to scrub soils are all part of the cleaning process now. Solutions sprayed directly onto floors soak out unwanted grime and dirt. Brushes remove grit from grout and wall areas, and then removed by a high flow liquid extraction process. Grease, grime, bacteria and other contaminants are simply flushed out in the process. The result is intense clean and fresh smell.

Daily Floor Cleaning - This is a reachable goal. If you toss the mop and use one of these new Dispense-and-Vac for daily cleaning of hallways, lobbies, aisle ways, entranceways, gyms, cafeterias, you will stay way ahead of the curve.  Many facilities even use it in place auto scrubbers. Plus, the cordless battery capability makes cleaning during the day easy, practical and safe. See the picture at the top of this article for one idea about an alternative cleaning solution system by Omniflex. There are several out there, simply explore and find the right solution for your location.

Conventional floor cleaning systems over the years have proven to become more and more a challenge and really don't do the job. Systems that remove grit and grime upon extraction leave floors almost dry and provide greater slip resistance to all who dare to come into the kitchen. Wouldn't you if you could remove as much liability from your kitchen if you have the chance?

A really fast, simple approach to clean, safe floors, these new types of flooring systems are also perfect for high speed cleaning of hard surface areas, such as hallways, cafeterias, lobbies, warehouses, fitness areas and more. Fast and and as effective as an autoscrubber without the added cost or complexity, are changing the foodservice industry by allowing building service contractors and facility managers alike to keep things really clean.

Check out these simple, fast approach to clean, safe floors for your commercial foodservice kitchen locations. Make sure vendor sourcing is readily available in your location and you have the chemical options to keep them fully stocked. Set your goals now achieving effective restaurant cleaning. Your customers notice and their nose knows....when things aren't clean and they may not return. Keeping your floors clean all day everyday means no more worries.

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