The Guideline about Selecting Commercial Shelving Units for Kitchen Efficiency

In order for any busy kitchen to keep the orders coming out in a timely manner, it has to pay attention to its use of space. All restaurants must make sure that they can store cookware and tools without getting in the way of the actual cooking process. Cabinets and drawers can work sometimes, but they often take up too much space. Plus, locating a specific item becomes more difficult and time consuming when you have to open a bunch of drawers. That is where commercial shelving comes into play.

Shelving and really maximize spatial efficiency for any restaurant. Instead of large cabinets or storage boxes taking up floor space, shelving sends storage upwards instead. Plus, most shelves do not need doors, making it very easy to locate the necessary tool to complete a job quickly and efficiently. 

Your restaurant can find the type of shelving to best suit its needs in almost any situation. Different shelf designs, materials and size, and help you create the right shelving solution to solve your storage problem. Before you go about looking into shelving, keep these tips in mind to select the right shelving for your busy commercial kitchen.

Shelving Materials

The exact materials you will need depend entirely on your intended use for the shelves. Environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity can determine which shelving you should choose. Therefore, have a good idea of where you want to put your shelving before you make any selections.

Chrome Wire

The chrome wire shelving is a standard shelf material throughout the restaurant industry. The chrome plated design makes it stand out, but also shows wear more clearly than painted shelves. You can use chrome wire shelving in hot and dry environments, making them ideal for pantry use. Unfortunately, the chrome might rust in particularly humid environments. This also makes them less than ideal for use in refrigerators.

The wire design makes them great for storing products in need of ventilation. Air can cycle between the shelf racks with ease.

Epoxy Coated 

An epoxy coated wire shelf looks a lot like a chrome wire shelf, except with a coating on it. This coating resists corrosion and rust, making it better suited for moist and wet environments. You can also count on an epoxy coating in a walk-in cooler. You can get your epoxy coating in a variety of colors, making them a little more stylish than standard chrome.


Plastic shelving comes with the benefit of a complete immunity to rust. This means you can store them in the wettest environments and even subject them to salt water without corrosion. Generally, polypropylene shelving has a metal structure encased in a polymer coating. Therefore, they retain the strength of metal shelves without the possibility of rusting. 


Antimicrobial shelving comes in many shapes and materials. Regardless of the specific design, these shelves have an antimicrobial coating which kills fungi and bacteria which would otherwise contaminate food. These shelves are ideal for restaurants wishing to cut down on cleaning times.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is the sturdiest and most tactile shelving material. Naturally corrosion resistant, you can put these shelves in wet or dry conditions and expect stellar performance. Their high quality design and sturdiness typically come with a slightly higher price tag. 

Shelf Type

Now, consider exactly what you want to store on each of your shelving units. With this in mind you have two options of the type of shelf: solid and venting.

Solid Shelf

A solid shelf has no openings and acts as a solid plank. You can store smaller items without worrying about them falling through the cracks. Their solid design makes them heavier, requiring  sturdier support.

Venting Shelf

A venting shelf usually has wires or slits which allow for greater air circulation. They work best for food storage and are lighter than solid shelves.

Selecting Shelving

With this criteria in mind head over to Texas Restaurant Supply and browse our vast selection of commercial cooking equipment.