The Ideas for Improving Bar Equipment for Commercial Kitchen

Improving bar equipment in the commercial kitchen is crucial because it will make the ambiance pleasing. Bar equipment is a part of a restaurant that plays a significant role in attracting and retaining customers. So, it's essential to know well about the different bar equipment available for commercial kitchens and how to use them properly.

Below is the list of bar equipment that will enhance your restaurant.


A dispensing bar is the main feature of a commercial restaurant equipment. A quick push of a button can dispense drinks and food. That is why it is called an automated bar. Dispensers are essential for commercial kitchens because they have been used in every sophisticated restaurant. Likewise, it's also crucial for events or parties such as weddings or birthdays.

Bottle Opener & Corkscrews

A bottle opener is an essential tool in any bar's lineup. A good bottle opener, or wine opener, should not only open bottles but also have a place to store them while they're being opened. This way, the bottles don't roll across the floor and get broken. Wall-mounted openers are easier to use, more convenient, and don't slip around like other openers.

Cocktail shakers

The cocktail shaker is a mixer of two parts: glass and metal. Its design allows you to make cocktails, margaritas, and other mixed drinks easily. The method of making drinks using this tool is quite interesting. You can find three cocktail shakers for your use: Boston shaker (two-part), Cobbler (three-layered), and Parisian (compact).


Glasses are meant to serve different drinks, so you should buy a set for each drink. For example, if you want to drink beer with friends, you need two kinds of glasses one that holds bottles upright, and the other is used for serving beer from the bottle while playing drinking games.

Bar Spoons

Stirring is another way to mix drinks. Stirring the contents with a bar spoon will give you a better-tasting drink. This spoon has a long handle that makes it easier to stir ingredients without breaking the ice. It also allows you to maintain layers of different flavors without disturbing them.

Cocktail Pourer

The Cocktail Pourer is one of the essential tools in every bar. With a good cocktail pourer, you can easily control the pouring of your drink to avoid spillage or even overfills of alcohol. The perfect bartender should have these essential tools to ensure customers are served their drinks quickly, correctly, and with care.

Beverages Tubs

Beverage tubs are one of the most exciting additions to a commercial kitchen. Standing facilities at cocktail bars usually need to be improved and can make it hard to provide beverages to your customers. These drinking tubs are designed to have all your customers' favorites while keeping their drinks within reach and entirely out of reach of children or ill individuals.


Muddlers, also known as muddled fruit shakers and bar accessories, are used to create mocktails and other drinks, which include muddled fruits, spices, and herbs. They are frequently used in bars and restaurants to make cocktails.

If you want to make your bar setup as attractive as possible, try these muddlers. These muddlers are explicitly designed to make the best drinks. You can easily prepare fresh sweet and sour mixes with this equipment.


The best way to rim glassware is with a rimmer, which enables easy and precise shaping of the glass. The perfect shape of the rimmers allows for easy application of salt, sugar, and lime juice or cocoa to glass rims without needing plates or paper towels.


The Cocktail Strainer is used in commercial kitchens to create a garnish and pour drinks into glasses. The cocktail strainer strains the flavor of your beverages so that it does not affect their taste. Cocktail strainers ensure that there is no pulp or ice in the drink, usually if the glass is filled with ice before pouring drinks from the pitcher. 

Bar Mats

While bar mats are mostly made from a non-slip material, they still have features. When it comes to protecting glassware and pouring drinks, bar mats are essential. It must be able to grip the glassware and prevent it from slipping while you pour drinks. To improve your bar equipment and make it more functional.

Above are the essential bar equipment that will improve your commercial kitchen ambiance. If you need to buy new or used restaurant equipment, then we have a  restaurant supply storeand you can purchase it from one of our stores. Visit Texas Restaurant Supply!