The Ultimate Vulcan Range Buying Guide

One of the most central appliances of any restaurant kitchen is the range. For the majority of restaurants, the range is the single appliance is where the majority of dishes are cooked. The reason that the range is the most used appliance in the kitchen is that they are versatile. 

A good range can be used to: 

  • Bake. 
  • Broil. 
  • Grill. 
  • Cook. 
  • Saute. 
  • And more.

If you are looking for a new range for your kitchen, Vulcan provides some of the highest quality and highest performance ranges in the restaurant business. Use this as a guide to help you make the best possible decision in finding the ideal Vulcan range for your restaurant

Consider the Space You Have Available

If you are shopping for a replacement range for your kitchen, the sizing should be fairly simple. Make sure that you know the measurements of your existing range, so that you know how much space you have for the new one. If you are just buying a range for the first time, you are going to need to take measurements to see how much room you have for your new range. 

Ranges typically vary in size from 12 to 96 inches in width. You want to make sure that you find the range that fits perfectly in your kitchen. Here are some things you should be paying attention to when sizing your range: 

  • Space or room for your range. 
  • Space for ventilation for your range. 
  • How many people will be using your range at one time
  • Your business hours, capacity, and how busy you get during peak hours.

If you have a bigger restaurant and/or you get really packed during busy hours, you need a bigger, wider and more powerful range. This will help you cook more food at once, and make sure that you can keep up with demand during your busy days and hours of the week. 

Medium Duty vs. Heavy Duty 

The seating capacity, demand and sales volume of your restaurant are going to dictate the power of the Vulcan range that you need. Heavy-duty ranges have much higher BTU ratings than medium-duty ranges. However, you might not need the higher power, endurance and cooking capacity that heavy-duty burners can provide. There’s no point in spending thousands of more dollars on a heavy-duty range when a medium-range would suit your restaurant just fine. 

If you have a high demand restaurant with busy hours, a large seating capacity and a high volume of sales, you may need to get yourself a heavy-duty range. Higher duty ranges are not also more powerful than medium-duty but will last longer as well. Heavy-duty Vulcan ranges can sustain heavy use in high traffic, high volume restaurants for up to. If not, you will most likely get by just fine with a reliable, medium-duty range. 

Energy Source

The energy source that you are using to cook is also going to determine what kind of Vulcan range you end up purchasing. Restaurant ranges are available in both gas or electric models. What you choose could be determined by the hookups that you have for your range. 

Keep in mind that gas Vulcan ranges are typically going to be cheaper to run. This is because in most areas, gas is cheaper utility than electricity. Many restaurants and cooking staff enjoy gas ranges because of your ability to change temperature instantaneously. Vulcan electric ranges tend to be more expensive on the front end, but are more energy-efficient than gas. Another benefit to electric Vulcan ranges is that they can keep your kitchen and work environment cooler for your kitchen team. 

Customization and Other Considerations

Vulcan ranges are of high quality. As such, you can get them with a lot of different features that you can’t get with other ranges. The features that you want or need on your range may be a deal-breaker for choosing one Vulcan range over another. Take time to explore the options that you need to outfit your range with so you can get the exact model you need.