Understanding the Different Types of Commercial Ovens

When it comes to commercial ovens, there are many different types and brands. Here at Texas Restaurant Supply in Grand Prairie, we will be discussing the different types of ovens and their benefits.

For example, some commercial ovens can accommodate smaller batches of food than others. Some have more powerful motors than others which allows for faster cooking time.

Size and shape also affect cooking time and temperature control as well as temperature distribution within the oven for various foods.

This article will help to understand the different types of commercial ovens available. Commercial ovens vary in size, shape, and power.

Types of Commercial Ovens

There are a wide variety of commercial ovens available these days. We will name a few different ones here, and then discuss the most popular ones in detail below, which will be:

  • Combo Oven
  • Commercial Convection Oven
  • Pizza Oven
  • Cook and Hold Oven

Combi Oven

These commercial ovens are the combination of different ovens with different sizes. It is best for small businesses with a small amount of inventory, though it has limited room and heating power.

Combi ovens are small-sized commercial ovens with a space that can be extended in terms of quantity or location. The heating element can be heated from both sides which makes it easy to cook with the built in thermometer.

The electrical heating element with built-in manual switch is also available for flexibility. Combi ovens are easy to clean with just water.

Wet Ventilation

Combi ovens with wet ventilation are equipped with ventilators which connect the ventilation to the hot air extraction system to facilitate efficient cooling.

Commercial Convection Oven

A convection oven is an oven which circulates hot air around the food inside, and delivers a more consistent temperature. Commercial convection ovens are premium cooking devices, and tend to come with all sorts of accessories.

To make a purchase decision, it is important to consider the average cooking times and cooking temperatures for your dish. Convection ovens with a warm drawer can also speed up cooking time and keep the food warm.

Convection Ovens and Multi-Functional Ovens

Multi-functional ovens usually have a conventional cooking rack and a rack for baking and roasting. They also come with separate cooking areas for heating, baking, and roasting. Convection ovens usually have a steam basket for searing, grilling and warming food, and an extra small warming drawer.

Pizza Oven

Pizza ovens are popular amongst restaurateurs and commercial kitchens because of the speed at which they can cook pizzas, tenders, and other savory treats. Commercial pizza ovens have a natural convection heating system that allows for more even heating and that makes the food very fast to cook.

The size of commercial pizza ovens are often small compared to standard commercial ovens. These smaller ovens usually only cook one pizza at a time, but some models can handle many more.

This means that fewer pizzas are cooked at one time and, this allows the kitchen to get a higher volume of pizza cooked in a shorter amount of time.


Besides a standard, portable commercial oven, it is very common for establishments to add a few accessories that can help improve the way that commercial pizza ovens are used.

Cook and Hold Oven

As the name indicates, a cook and hold is a traditional type of commercial oven that cooks and holds food. This method of cooking and holding ensures that food is continuously cooked and does not lose heat through heating and cooling.

Cook and hold ovens are suitable for foods that have a short cooking time and that do not require additional cooking time. For instance, meals with 30 minutes or less cooking time are great candidates for this method. The food is continuously cooked and the food stays warm until customers place their order.

Which Type of Commercial Oven Is Best For Your Business?

We know this is not an easy question to answer. There are multiple benefits and tradeoffs when it comes to choosing a commercial oven for a small to medium size commercial kitchen.

If you have limited space, it makes more sense to invest in a convection oven.

These ovens are less likely to break and more affordable. They are also easy to clean, such as the countertop convection models. Most conduction ovens will break down or require maintenance and repairs.

Convection is also a preferred type of cooking for large groups and multiple items. If you prefer quick and easy meals, then an oven with a large capacity might be the right fit.

Convection ovens are generally more expensive than small commercial ovens. However, you can usually afford to use more than one oven at a time.

What Features to Look for In a Commercial Oven

Many commercial ovens have many features that ensure that cooking time and temperature are monitored and controlled. Some of these features are listed below:

  • The temperature can be set between 200 – 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Multiple racks are present in most commercial ovens. Whether there are single or multiple racks, they have smooth and adjustable knobs
  • A thermostat can be used in commercial ovens
  • Adjustable trays can be found in commercial ovens
  • Some commercial ovens even have a stove or cooling rack
  • Most commercial ovens have fans

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